Finding the best place to stay in 2017.

There are so many hotel options available to tourists when compared to a few years ago. It’s possible then that you’ve become flustered just trying to figure out which holiday destination you should secure.

After all, reviews can change due to a variety of reasons like a hotel being under new management.

That’s why I’ve done everything to document my experiences exactly as I encountered them and put together a thorough review to help you in 2017 and beyond.

Rating All Inclusive Resorts in 2017

There are a variety of criteria that you should consider before making that final decision on a resort. Admittedly many people are quick to pop out their credit card and make reservations without giving thought to the bad feedback others may have experienced. There are also many things that you’re likely to get at a 5-star resort which you don’t have access to at a 3-star. This can include things such as 24-hour room service, turn-down service, and multiple dining options.

Simple things such as an in-room safe or FREE wifi can make a huge difference in whether you’re relaxed and comfortable during your stay or not. For this reason, I’ve gone ahead and done my best to write thoroughly on what each of the Jamaica all inclusive resorts has to offer.

Consider checking for these things:

Exceptional Customer Support

This goes a far way when it comes to a perfect vacation. If you encounter staff that’s difficult, not hospitable or that just give you a bad vibe, then it can ruin your high hopes. I’ve fortunately had the pleasure of encountering this before at a reputable 4-star hotel, and it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. With that said however, most of the staff you encounter are likely to be very well trained, courteous and friendly.

Restaurant Options (Buffet Style and “Fancy” Dining)

This goes without saying, when you’re on holiday there’s no limit. At least for me anyways. Be sure to check into the dining options you have available and what people have to say about the food. If you’re a picky eater or a vegetarian, you’ll want to ensure there are enough food options available to you.

Daily Activities (e.g. Water and Beach Sports)

You probably won’t spend your entire day lounging on a beach day soaking in the sun. So it’s a good idea to check out what activities the hotel of your choice features daily. Most places (especially the higher rated destinations) have a dedicated “Entertainment Team.” The primary job of this unique set of people is to, you guessed it, ensure guests are having a blast.

There are fun things to do such as Water Polo, Volleyball, Snorkelling (some places), Cycling, Cooking Classes and the list goes on. Be sure to ask the front desk where you can find the daily list of activities each day while there.

Off-Property Transportation

Almost always the hotel you stay at can facilitate your transportation off of the property. But it’s worthwhile asking to make sure. If you’ve already pinpointed some of the attractions in Jamaica that you want to see then be sure to mention it to them.

As your plane touches the tarmac, you’ll be excited. Relax, kick back and enjoy. In the words of Bob Marley, “Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright!”

Top Jamaica All Inclusive Resorts for 2017
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Top Resort

Bahia Prncipe

Best Adults Only Resort

Resort On a Budget

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