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Royal Decameron Montego Beach Review

A homely, budget-friendly resort in Montego Bay. You’ll find the rooms to be airy and beds comfortable here…

Not too long ago, I visited Royal Decameron Runaway Bay and had a perfect time. In fact, it was one of my first and best experiences with an all-inclusive resort due to its budget-friendliness, great food and friendly staff, etc. It was with that memorable experience in mind that I decided to check out its other well-known sister property, Royal Decameron Montego Beach. Did it measure up? Let’s find out.

What I liked

  • Beautiful grounds: the property’s lawns were well-manicured and the beach well-kept.
  • Relaxing atmosphere: you can find many places to unwind, whether in your room, the cozy little beds by the beach, or via several swings and hammocks across the property.
  • Ocean view: the room offered breathtaking views of the lovely Caribbean Sea and surrounding lush scenery.
  • Homely accommodation: although the room was somewhat small, it offered a “homey” feel and promoted intimate relaxation.
  • Entertainment: often featured a live band and a show.

What I didn’t like

  • Unfriendly staff: some staff members didn’t seem very keen on being helpful or friendly.
  • Lack of sufficient staff: there didn’t seem to be enough staff members, particularly at the snack bar.
  • Limited food options: possibly due to the low occupancy level, but not many choices were available. Also, some meals didn’t appear fresh.
  • Out of date furnishings: while the room was cozy, some furniture items and accessories were outdated. The bedside lamp, for example, seemed like it didn’t belong. The bathtub had undesirable marks as well, which was not nice to look at.
  • Costly Wi-Fi: a feature of all the Decameron hotels in Jamaica; using the Wi-Fi comes at the cost of $5 per hour or $20 for the day.

Overall assessment

Having thoroughly enjoyed my stay at its Runaway Bay sister property, I was left with a feeling of disappointment from my Royal Decameron Montego Beach experience. That’s not to say we (my travel mate and I) didn’t have any fun; the overall experience just wasn’t up to par. Still, I was appreciative of some efforts made to ensure our stay was a relaxing one, as well as the ambiance of the hotel.

Royal Decameron Montego Beach is located on the famous Hip Strip in Montego Bay. As a result, it is close to some attractions, as well as shops and restaurants. That is if you ever need to go out and explore. Admittedly, the budget-friendly hotel does offer numerous activities within its all-inclusive packages to keep you fully occupied while on the property.

The trip started out relatively okay. Bright, lively colours and Jamaican art pieces greeted us in the lobby area and checking in was quite hassle-free. I was just coming off a relaxing weekend at another property where the customer service was superb, so it was easy to pick up on service that fell below par. Nonetheless, it wasn’t too bad, and before long, we were checked in our room.

We had managed to cop a room that provided a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea, which helped to make up for some of the shortcomings. Being a low-budget all-inclusive means you don’t get luxuries such as a stocked minibar, coffeemaker, or free Wi-Fi. Everything else is there, and the room was quite cosy, especially the bed, which has been widely reviewed as comfortable. As for the bathroom, it was drab but clean, except for the marks in the bath mentioned earlier. The small balcony, on the other hand, is a nice touch, which makes taking in the ocean view all the more relaxing.

Outside the walls of the hotel, the property is kept in pristine condition, especially the white sand beach, which seemed to be raked on a daily basis. There are also two pools where you can chill, and we spent most of our time in them. There were many beach beds littered along the oceanfront, so passing the time in relaxation by the sea was not difficult. We also tried out the hammocks in various locations across the property and were pleased.

In addition to the beach and pools, guests can also partake in a number of non-motorized water sports and other activities designed for families with children. There is also a small spa that offers a variety of massages and spa services, as well as a little but modern gym.

We did enjoy our time of relaxation on the beach, and getting drinks was relatively easy. Nightly entertainment, which featured a live band and a show, was also great. However, getting food was a problem, as mentioned earlier, and the biggest letdown of our stay at Royal Decameron Montego Beach. This was due in part to the inadequate amount of staff members on hand. At one point, I waited over 40-minutes for a burger at the snack bar, and several guests were left complaining about the extended wait (and some even left out of frustration).

It was also due to the quality and quantity of food choices at both restaurants, which resulted in an overall disappointing dining experience. I do believe that a higher occupancy level would have made a difference (more food choices and more staff) but that is not an excuse for guests not fully enjoying their stay at the hotel.

Staying at Royal Decameron Montego Beach did not measure up to my experience at Royal Decameron Runaway Bay, the brand’s other budget-friendly property. I would recommend the St. Ann option to visitors who want to stay at a Royal Decameron hotel, as well as the Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach, which is a newer and more modern version of Montego Beach, which is located right next door.

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