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Best Practises when Cleaning Hotels

The hotel industry generates billions every year, and the competition in the industry is tight. Among the most critical factors that clients consider when choosing a particular hotel is cleanliness.

The level of efficiency of the housekeeping department has a direct impact on guest experience and general satisfaction levels. In the absence of concrete housekeeping operations, standards can quickly nosedive.

It can be the difference between rave reviews and slating on social media platforms. Fixing a Bad review is often one of the most challenging, and it can further affect the reputation of the business.

Below are a handful of the best practices when cleaning hotels to maintain quality standards and build on repeat visits from customers.

Empower the staff

Studies show that housekeeping roles have the highest turnover in the hotel industry. Housekeeping involves demanding activities where staff get the job done within a particular period. The cleaning janitors are up and running every day of the week. Admittedly, hotel cleaning is not a simple task, and finding the right people willing to work as cleaners in the long term is not easy. In the absence of constant motivation, keeping loyalties is extremely hard.

The obvious perks such as attractive requirement packages, flexible schedules, and bonuses can do so much to keep the housekeeping staff happy. Empowering them to make their judgments to ensure they don’t feel micromanaged builds trust and confidence.

Resources and checklists

Hotels are very different from other commercial establishments. Housekeeping does not follow a consistent schedule, and it is not at the close of the day. Guests are continually moving in and out, and the demands to keep the rooms consistently clean are high.

Guestrooms are in constant use 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Most other employees go home, and maybe over the weekend, but that is not the case for the housekeeping staff.

One way of keeping the housekeeping staff motivated and productive is by providing the right resources to do the job. The same supplies used in cleaning the offices such as antiseptics, Backpack vacuums, microfibre cloths, and disinfectants are standard. However, other equipment such as encapsulators, carpet extractors, burnishers, and escalator cleaners are necessary. It is also vital to note that modern hotel rooms have devices with computer chips, motherboards, and complicated switching techniques. In that regard, the cleaning staff must have the right skills and tools to clean appropriately, without causing damage and losses.

The days of pressure washing everything in the hotel room are behind us. Specialized cleaning equipment is now more critical than ever.

Having the right tools for trade and providing adequate direction is essential in ensuring accountability. In that regard, supply them with the latest cleaning equipment for efficiency and motivation. Efficient and user-friendly equipment makes the housekeeping tasks easy, and housekeeping staff can complete them quickly and effectively.

There are several tasks and activities that each housekeeper has to perform, and they can easily forget some of them. Provide a checklist that they can tick after completing every task.

Checklists make the staff accountable should any complaints from the guests arise.

Comprehensive training

Comprehensive training instills the right work ethic. The workers can understand the company’s values and how it operates to keep the clients happy. Conduct orientation and demonstrate how to interact with the guests.

Documentation with full job requirements, FAQs, and how to handle the different areas of the hotel is essential to make the housekeeping staff competent. Thorough training ensures the team is qualified and confident to handle any situation.

It’s important to note that you can also hire staff that is already well-trained. Companies like https://londoncleaningsystem.co.uk/ do an excellent job of cleaning and they also have competent staff to get the job done.

Random inspections

Following the staff around and inspecting every inch of their work can have a significant negative toll on their confidence and motivation. The housekeeping staff will feel that you don’t trust them to do the job well.

Using random spot checks as a way of employee recognition will have a more positive impact on the morale of the housekeeping staff. Those maintaining high productivity and high standards should receive incentives such as the employee of the month and bonuses.

The added benefits of recognition are improved loyalty and trust. Workplace performance gets better, and employee retention grows significantly.

In everything, the housekeeping staffs need to realize that they are the face of the establishment. They have a direct impact on the business. The team must meet the expectations of the guests and exceed them at all times.

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