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Best Places In Jamaica To Sample Wine

When thinking about Jamaica, people usually have in mind its warm tropical weather, white sandy beaches, food, and bustling nightlife, coupled with its amazing people, luxurious resorts, and one-of-a-kind culture. It is, in fact, one of the best places in the world to take a vacation, where you can relax and enjoy its tropical beauty.

Although Jamaica is not really into wine, recently bars, restaurants, and resorts are now offering this beverage on their menus as an addition to the extensive lists that are common across the country. With this recent development, people who love wine will now be able to enjoy it in a tropical country.

This addition to Jamaica’s alcoholic beverages is good news for wine tasters as some bars offer both premium and vintage wines from different countries across the globe. So, if you love going on vacations while also being able to enjoy wine, try Jamaica!

The following are some of the best places to enjoy both the wine and the place in this beautiful tropical country:

The Wine Shop

The name says it all: opened in 2014 at Kingston, the Wine Shop is a bar that serves Mediterranean food along with a variety of wines. It is all about wine in this bar, with over a hundred variety of wines that are imported from across the globe. You can even apply for its wine club membership and enjoy the advantage of purchasing wines at a discount. If you aren’t sure of which wine to choose, ilovewine can give you some insights.


If you are someone who loves both cheese and wine, try visiting Uncorked. With an impressive variety of more than 150 labels of wine, this bar is popular amongst the people of the city. If you want to try this place, you should come early to avoid the crowd as it gets packed quickly, especially during lunchtime. Additionally, with their evolving list of cheese and wine, it would be a great experience to try them all.

Regency Bar and Lounge

If you want to celebrate or perhaps just throw a party, drop by the Regency Bar and Lounge. With its relaxing ambiance and vibe, this bar and lounge is a promising place to celebrate or drink with your friends. Additionally, with its excellent service and great nightlife, who wouldn’t enjoy having a drink here?

Distill Bar

This bar sits near some of the best dining spots in Kingston. Located at Marketplace, 67 Constant Spring Road, the Distill Bar is excellent for those who want to eat before drinking. With an inclusive event called “Wine Wednesdays,” you can enjoy drinking your favorite wines for a discount. From red, white, and sparkling wines, select the best for your taste!

Chez Isabelle – Excellence Oyster Bay

Are you looking for a change in scenery? Why not stay in one of the most luxurious resort hotels in Jamaica and dine in Chez Isabelle at the Excellence Oyster Bay for a French dining experience? With its own wine cellar, it is an excellent place to select the best wine, and dine in elegance. Do not forget to follow the dress code so you would not feel out of place.

Visit The Local Mega Mart

If you cannot find any bars or restaurants that suit you, then go to the nearest Mega Mart and pick your poison of choice. Despite Jamaica being a non-wine country, their local markets do sell a variety, from mediocre to premium wines. Although some local shops sell some wine, it would be better to just go directly to the Mega Mart as looking for wine in other individual establishments would be a hit and miss scenario.

Some people bring their favorite wines to enjoy during their stay in Jamaica. But to do so, you have to follow a process. So if you love to bring your own bottle of wine, make sure to follow their procedure, complete the requirements, and enjoy your favorite wine anywhere in Jamaica.

Fnacy some wine? Go get some!

Despite how expensive importing wine in Jamaica is, local bars and restaurants are trying to provide it in their menus for those who love to eat with their favorite wine or for those who simply enjoy drinking this beverage. It might take some time to include wine in some of the local businesses in Jamaica, but this is a promising start.

Furthermore, if the wine industry in Jamaica blooms, then perhaps it will open up new bars and restaurants that would offer their own selection of wines that would entice wine tasters to come.

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