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A Guide to Finding Cheap Airline Tickets to Jamaica

Jamiaca is an island with lovely white sand beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and amazing attractions. It’s no surprise then that the country sees millions of tourists every year.

While going to Jamaica on a holiday vacation is an easy decision to make, finding cheap airline tickets can be a challenge.

Just how do you find the best prices on aire fare? We sure don’t want you to overspend. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Book ahead and Pick a Airport

It is quite possible to find an affordable flight if you book ahead. You should never wait until the last-minute rush to securey your plane ticket as this can significantly impact upon your travel budget.

Also keep in mind that there are 2 main international airports in Jamaica. Located in the seond city (Montego Bay) and serving just around 3 million passengers per year is the Sangster International Airport. Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica (Kingston) also sees high volumes of people yearly.

The prices to fly into any of these airports may differ based on the time of year and other factors. So be sure to check into the prices for both locations before you go ahead and book.

The Season

The caribbean sun beats down on the island throughout the year making it a warm paradise. Beacause of the tropical climate, Jamaica sees an increase in the amount of visitors coming from colder countries. As you can expect, this period of increased travel also means more fees for the traveler.

There are also other times during which you may see higher prices for tickets to the island and thats when special events are upcoming.

Jamaica Carnival is one of the most significant examples of this, and it is an uphill task to find cheap flights during this time. The parade takes place in March and April depending on the location. So it might be worth it to book your flights well in advance.

During off-season months (which starts in mid-April to around late November), the country experiences a significant drop in tourism. Cheap flights are in plenty, and you can fly to the island with up to 60% less of the peak season cost, which is incredible.

September and October are the least favourite months because of potential rainfall and even the chance of huricanes.

The best deals are more likely between September and November when the flights are paired with accommodation to the elite hotels in Jamaica. Avoid July and August if you are looking to save loads of bucks.

Be Flexible

The price of flights to Jamaica keeps on fluctuating depending on the time and the season. It will do you much good if you don’t stick to a particular schedule.

Typically, a bit of flexibility where you can change the time of day will potentially save you hundreds of dollars. For example, Wednesdays are the cheapest days to travel to Jamaica while Tuesdays are the most expensive. Noon is the cheapest time of the day for travelling.

On your booking website try to change different dates and times and see how much difference it is going to make. Shifting the dates can save up to 50% of the airfare, and that is the main idea.

It is always recommended that you take some time to shop around for favourable flight prices. Check with the travel agents, and take a stroll around various websites of major Airlines. Flexibility and patience eventually get you the deal that is most comfortable to your pocket.

Take Advantage of the Last Minute Deals

Heavily discounted fares are always available a few months in advance. But that shouldn’t worry you too much if you miss out. Most Airlines are not too happy about flying with empty seats and are usually too eager to offer discounts on the last minute. Be on the lookout.

Place of Booking

There are great places online where you can compare prices and choose the most appropriate for you. However, it is always a good idea to check the websites of major Airlines as that is the place where they offer great discounts.

The travel sites may be a bit high at particular times. It also doesn’t hurt if you call the booking office and asking for flight specials. One place you can possibly find reasonably priced tickets is United Airline Tickets (be sure to research). It could be your lucky day, and you may run away with a deal of a lifetime to fly to Jamaica cheaply.

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