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Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

If you’re ever in Jamaica and want a unique experience may I recommend Floyds Pelican Bar?

It’s a bar/restaurant located right in the middle of the sea (no joke). Sitting roughly 3/4 miles from land, this chill spot made of driftwood will greet you after a 20 – 30-minute boat ride.

Here you’ll be able to sip on some beers, play dominoes with the owner himself or just feel “Irie” under the Caribbean breeze and sun.

Most people go for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of dining right above the water while others enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the shallow waters surrounding the bar.

Chilling here has its perks.

At this spot, you can enjoy liquor (red stripe comes strongly recommended). If you plan to bite down into the food (fried fish and lobster), you’ll have to call ahead before your planned trip.

As you can expect, a shack above the sea can have some cramped quarters, so all this helps to ensure you’re adequately accommodated when you arrive.

Be One With Nature, Literally

There’s so much to love about Floyd’s Pelican Bar – I mean apart from the friendly and helpful staff or the delicious food.

There have been sightings of dolphins and other aquatic life nearby which gives you quite a thrill when you’re able to observe with your own eyes.

And about that “being one with nature” remark, there are no restrooms. That’s probably the only negative I can think of. I recommended that you use the bathroom facilities on land before making this trek. Otherwise, you can use the ocean to your advantage (no pooing though!)

What to Bring

Take along with you a good camera for memories. Your trip here is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure – you’ll want it on film. You can also take along an item. Throughout the bar, you’ll notice little items (e.g. license plates, flags and even t-shirts). It’s a good idea if you want to leave “a piece of you” there.

The water surrounding the wooden structure is also quite clear. I can almost guarantee you’ll be tempted to take a swim. Wear your bathing suit underneath so you can take a dip and have your towel tag along so you can dry off afterward.

You won’t want to come with too much here, but perhaps your snorkeling goggles would be a good idea too. Some quick dips under the clear water may let you see some fish.

Flip flops are recommended over shoes.

As for valuable jewelry, leave those at your hotel.

Enjoy Yourself at Floyd’s Pelican Bar

My advice to those wanting to experience this adventure is – just do it. Get out of the resorts and fancy hotels and experience a different side of Jamaica. There’s so much to enjoy and good vibes for you to experience.


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