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5 Things to Do in Portmore, Jamaica

Having lived in Portmore, St. Catherine for over 23+ years, I’ve seen it evolve from being just a residential hub to a full city.

While there isn’t a ton of activities to do here and not many attractions (like you’d find on the North Coast), there’s still something for everyone to enjoy in the “Sunshine City.”

Here are five things you can do in Portmore, Jamaica:

1. Visit Hellshire Beach

If you’re looking for a day of sea and sun, then a visit to Hellshire is a must. This well-known beach is popular among locals and returning residents who enjoy not only the vibe of chilling on the beach but also the delicious morsels served up by beach vendors. If you’re a seafood lover, be sure to order a few pounds of fish. You can have it prepared any way you like (fried, steamed or brown stewed) and enjoy it with some bammies or festivals. Hmm Hmm Good!

2. Go Go-Karting

April 2018 saw the opening of a brand new and widely welcome Go Karting facility. Rocket Go-Karts, based in Congreve Park Portmore, allows kids and adults alike to take laps around the track and compete for the quickest time. It’s family-entertainment at it’s best; something that the city was always missing. Since it’s launch, thousands have traveled from all over the island to enjoy the experience. With over 600 reviews on Google and overall of star-rating of 4.4 you can pretty much anticipate the fun you’ll have here.

3. Buzzers Gaming Arcade

While we’re on the subject of family entertainment, let’s jump to Portmore’s #1 indoor gaming arcade. This one is for both the kids and adults alike. If you’re young at heart, you’ll enjoy your time here. You can compete against your friends in basketball hoops, try your luck at winning a claw-machine price, jump on the game motorbike and compete for first place or play the more relaxing console games.

The thing I love most at Buzzers, however, is the Laser Tag Arena. This is a game where you and your opponents each wear an infrared-sensitive vest. The objective is to shoot your opponents with the guns and get the most points. It’s fascinating just running around, trying to dodge “shots” and stalking your victims. I highly recommend a visit to Buzzers if you find yourself in Portmore.

4. Try Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has indeed taken over the world. The VR experience puts you in a simulated environment different from your actual world.

This technology has been adapted into games, and so you have places like VRX Virtual Reality and eSports Center at Sovereign Center, Portmore where you can experience the thrill of riding a roller coaster as if you’re doing it in real life. They have a whole host of different scenarios you can be put it (some of which can be downright terrifying). If you’re brave enough try the zombies or spiders game (but pack an extra pair of underwear just in case).

5. Explore the Malls and Shop a Little

Who doesn’t shopping? These days there are a ton more malls in Portmore than there was a few years back. With the explosion of Portmore’s population came the need for more places to shop and eat.

Portmore’s resident mall (rightfully called Portmore Mall) has a few different places you can check out if you have some free time. There’s also Sovereign Village and a few new and upcoming ones being built.

Let’s Summarize

Portmore isn’t a tourist destination, and so all the fun and enjoyment you can expect in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay isn’t there. However, as the city continues to grow, more and more activities will continue to be introduced.

Many of the things mentioned on this list weren’t here 4 – 5 years ago and so that’s an indication that there’s likely to be a lot more soon. Heck, I’ve heard that there were plans to build a movie theatre too (no more need to go to Carib!)

These are just a few of the things you can do here. If you’re a native or you just so happen to know about things I’ve missed let me know. Write a comment below and let’s connect!

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