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This resort without a doubt holds a special place in my heart.

It’s the first all-inclusive hotel I booked back when I was on the hunt to find the best affordable retreats on the island. So in this review, you can expect me to gloat a bit about my experience, the food, the staff, and entertainment.

Now, let me just start off by saying this is not a 5-star resort. So if you’re expecting top-notch butler service or nightly turn-down service, then you may be disappointed.

Royal Decameron has been around for quite some time and has managed to establish itself in several countries outside of Jamaica. They pride themselves on offering excellent service at what I consider to be a budget-friendly price. The property consists of 203 cottage-styled guestrooms with all the conveniences for a relaxed stay. There are roughly 120 Garden View Rooms, 33 Ocean Front Rooms, 20 Courtyard Rooms and 20 Suites. But enough babbling about the rooms, why are they so great?

The Royal Decameron, Club Caribbean Experience

One of the things you’ll come to appreciate about visiting an all-inclusive resort is the friendly and helpful staff. You’re almost always guaranteed a welcome smile.

It was no different when we stayed here. The staff at the front desk was very polite and checked us in rather quickly. And even though the room we had reserved was not quite ready, they offered to hold our bags while we got something to eat at their daytime buffet-styled restaurant.

That’s excellent service.

The Restaurant Options

On property, you’ll have the option to dine at three different restaurants. There’s the Pick a Pepper restaurant which is the most popular. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of food choices. There’s also the Jazmine which provides walk-in lunches and la carte dinners by reservation only. Finally, there is the reggae-themed Nyamming restaurant on the second floor which we didn’t get to try, but other guests said it was great.

There are a variety of food and drinks available. This was a quick snap of the cereal and fruit juice section.

Overall, the food quality is not bad. Like many other places, there’s something for meat lovers and vegetarians a well. The dining staff is quite attentive and also ensures that you’re well taken care of.

Room Quality and Sleep

As for the room, it depends on the one you book. Personally, I recommend that you get one in a quiet area. We read some reviews from people who became annoyed at their room being too close to the nightly entertainment. It can get quite loud there.

Garden cottages are the best and you can enjoy the hammocks throughout the property.

Beach rooms are also an excellent option if you’re not bothered by the occasional guest walking close by on the shore. In your little cottage hut, you’ll find a comfortable bed that urges you not to leave it in the morning. There’s also a few amenities to ensure you’re comfortable.

On Your Feet, With Great Entertainment

Another thing you’ll also love about Decameron is the entertainment staff. For the three days that we spent there, we were kept upbeat. There are day and night activities that ensure you’re never bored. In the daytime, you’ll find the list of planned activities posted on the board by the main pool. And at night, the animation team takes center stage and gets the crowd excited. They also put our culture on display, and you’ll find yourself rocking to some reggae music or mimicking the latest dancehall moves.

Pools and Water Sports

Just after a filling breakfast, you may want just to relax on the beach, sip a red stripe beer and soak in some sun. Well, you’ll be happy to know that unlike other resorts, finding a beach chair is never any problem. There are more than enough aligned on the beach, so your choices are endless.

As for the pools, there’s two at the hotel. If you take pride in peace and quiet, then I suggest you check out the quiet pool. The main one is good too if you can tolerate a little noise and some music in the background.

For those that crave more adventure, there are non-motorized sports of course! Everything from kayaks to pedal boards is available to you. There are even mini-sail boat excursions that one of the experienced guides can take you on (just ask!).

But a word of warning, be mindful of the weather. On windy days, it can be quite difficult to maneuver the waves. Lifeguards on duty check the weather conditions daily and put up a red flag as a warning to be careful. I was unfortunate to be on one of the Kayaks when it suddenly got breezy, and boy oh boy was it a challenge getting my kayak back to shore.

Breakdown of the Pros and Cons

The Good Side of Things

  • Friendly and very helpful staff
  • Clean and well-kept grounds
  • Budget friendly hotel. You get a ton of all-inclusive perks without having to dip too deep into your pocket.
  • Entertainment seems to be on point with the animation team
  • Food options are plenty (something for everyone)
  • Non-motorized sports ensure you have a little fun while you stay there
  • Great-tasting alcoholic beverages around the clock (don’t get too drunk now!)

Be sure to treat yourself to a relaxing massage. You can book them at the front desk.

The Bad Side of Things

  • There’s no room service or butler service here so keep that in mind
  • WiFi comes at a cost so prepare to pay
  • In-room safe has a rental charge

Overall, being the first all-inclusive hotel I had ever visited, I would say Royal Decameron was well-worth every penny. In fact, on the last day of my stay, I convinced my travel companion to let us book another night. Though elsewhere online you’ll probably see a 3-star rating floating around, I’m also tempted to give this location 3.5 or dare I say 4 stars.

Don’t hesitate – make your reservation today. You won’t be disappointed.

Book Your Stay at Royal Decameron

If you’re ready to try out this budget-friendly resort then by all means go right ahead! Use the form below to check for available days. You may want to grab a few days (at least 3!) up to a week.

Royal Decameron Club Caribbean
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