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Nine Mile Jamaica and the Bob Marley Mausoleum Tour

Located in the lush region of Saint Ann, the district of Nine Mile lies just a couple of miles to the south of Brown’s Town. Bob Marley, the Reggae legend, was born in Nine Mile on the 6th February 1945 and was buried there too.

The most popular tourist attraction in Nine Mile is the Bob Marley Mausoleum, which is managed and cared for by Bob Marley’s family members. Die-hard fans and occasional listeners alike travel many miles along the bumpy ride through the hills to reach this beloved location.

You can see many historical pieces of Bob Marley’s iconic career as a reggae musician, including his guitars, photographs, and awards. Nine Mile is not only the place where Bob Marley started his musical career, but it is also the place that influenced several of his songs.

About the Tour

As soon as you arrive at the Mausoleum area, you will be overwhelmed by the tranquility and peace that surrounds you. The air is crisp, the colors are vibrant, and it is clear to see how Bob Marley was such a humble man coming from a place like this.

Along the tour, you will have the opportunity to see where Mr. Marley was born and raised. Although it probably didn’t look then like it does now, most of the original look of the place has been unspoiled.

All of the furnishings are still the originals and have only had slight touch-ups over the years to preserve them. No photos are allowed inside the building (like the tour in Kingston), so it gives you a real chance to connect with your environment and take it all in.

Outside, there is a “rock pillow” that has been painted red, yellow and green – the traditional Rasta colors. This is where Bob Marley rested when looking for inspiration. On tour, your guide will tell you which songs he wrote while sitting at this rock.

On the property, there are two mausoleums where Bob Marley and his mother were laid to rest. The first one that you will enter is Mama Marley’s, and the second one is Bob’s.
His body is buried with his guitar in an oblong mausoleum which stands 2.5 meters tall and is made of marble, located inside a little traditional church with an Ethiopian design. The marble structure is six feet above ground instead of six feet below.

You aren’t allowed to take any photos of the mausoleums, but you are allowed to go in and have a look. You have to take your shoes off outside, and you can take little keepsakes in and leave them as a sign of respect.

After visiting the resting place of the Reggae legend, you are then taken to the trophy room, which was added after Bob Marley passed away. It houses all of his awards and plaques that he gained throughout his iconic career.

Other Facilities

There is a restaurant and bar close by, where you can enjoy authentic Jamaican food and a cold beer or a Marley Coffee in honor of the late Bob Marley.

After the tour concludes, there are many gift stores where you can buy all sorts of Bob Marley paraphernalia, and you can be guaranteed that every item is authentic in respect for the Reggae artist.

If you are looking for something to do that is not only entertaining, but enlightening, and you are a fan of Reggae music and Bob Marley, this is a must-do.

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