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Gastronomy Center in Jamaica

If you’re a local, chances are you already know about Devon House. It’s one of Jamaica’s most distinguished historical landmarks which was once the home of Jamaica’s first ever black millionaire.

Kingston (and by extension Devon House) has never been an area that saw a ton of tourists, but now that’s about to change thanks to the Center of Gastronomy.

The Gastronomy Center

This is a first on the island, and it serves as the hub for gastronomy tourism in Jamaica. As most people admit, the cuisine is one of the primary focus they have when traveling to a new place, so that will be a new dimension for innovation in the gastronomical sphere.

The new facilities will include a well-appointed kitchen that will have all of the cooking amenities and utensils necessary to create a culinary journey. There will be no chefs in the kitchen – tourists, families, and locals will be the chefs – the world is invited to come and cook in this new gastronomical center.

Farm Fresh Ingredients

You’ll find a fully merchandised farmers market located near the kitchen where you can purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and spices, and then cook the food how you want it.

At the food shops, visitors to the center will be able to try out a wide selection of Jamaica’s traditional cuisine, as well as sampling local wines and famous Jamaican rums.

The Main Goal

The aim of the center is to invite the world to sample all types of cuisine, and to establish Jamaica as one of the world’s prime gastronomy destinations.

Tourists will be able to share food experiences with each other and with locals – introducing each other to traditional foods from other regions and expanding one another’s culinary journeys.

The center will also help reduce unemployment in Jamaica and create new economic activities and opportunities. The Devon House Gastronomy Centre includes the internationally celebrated Devon House I-Scream Store, the Grog Shoppe, which offers a broad range of Jamaican and international food, bars, cafés, a bakery, pizzeria, and steakhouse, making it a true gastronomical affair.

There are also plans for collaboration with other tourism partners to increase the number of quality food festivals, and productively integrate food experiences with existing leaders in the field.

The Devon House Gastronomy Center is poised in the prime position to increase tourism to the area and will offer tourists and locals a one-of-a-kind experience with Jamaican and international cuisine in a way that has never been seen before.