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Bob Marley and his impact on Jamaican Culture

No matter where you travel in the world, people will undoubtedly know of Bob Marley. His legacy is loved and respected by many, and his music is practically a religion on its own. And while many are familiar with his music, they may not know who he was and what his impact was on Jamaican culture.

About the Legend

Bob Marley was born Robert Nesta Marley on his maternal grandfather’s farm in Nine Mile in the parish of Saint Ann. Norval Sinclair Marley, Bob’s father, was a white man who was serving in the Royal Marines when he met Cedella Booker, Bob’s mother, who was a teenager at the time. He only met her a select few times, but from their meetings, the legend Bob Marley was born.

Raised by his mother and her family, Bob would later search for his paternal heritage only to be rejected by his father’s relatives. This rejection inspired his writing of Corner Stone.
After moving to Trenchtown in Kingston, Bob began playing his music and quickly realized that it was a way not only to earn money to escape poverty but also to inspire change in the world.

His Musical Influence

As Bob continued to grow, as a man and a musician, Jamaica gained its independence, which in turn sparked a Civil War. In the midst of this animosity, Bob created some of what many believe was the world’s most inspiring music.

Bob’s life and music have served as symbols for millions of the real power of music when it is made with love and passion.

Bob’s humble roots allowed him to channel all that he was into his music, and in doing this simple act, changed his whole country, and the rest of the world.

There has never been another artist like Bob Marley who has inspired so much political change, conversation, and practical change.

One of the most incredible moments ever experienced with Bob was when, in the midst of the civil war in Jamaica, he got the leaders of the two opposing factions to embrace in front of the audience at his free One Love Peace concert. This is the moment when you realize just how unifying Bob Marley was, not only to his own country, but to everyone around the world who shared that moment.

Many artists choose to see a problem and channel their anger into their music, hoping that this upset will spark an action. Bob did the opposite and infused every single song and performance with love, even amidst the pain his country was enduring. Bob serves as a real example of unconditional love. He spoke on behalf of the people without anger, allowing him to become an unbiased viewer of reality.

Bob Marley’s music is among some of the most well-loved and appreciated music in the world, and he continued his work despite never receiving a single Grammy award. He just loved spreading his message of love and compassion.

He never strived to be famous or wealthy. He was a humble man teaching humble values, most of which can still be seen in the kindness and no-problem attitude of the Jamaican locals. Their inclusive and loving attitudes show us the impact that Bob Marley and his message had on the nation as a whole. And that legacy won’t soon be forgotten.

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