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Best Jamaica All Inclusive Resorts in Negril 2020

Negril is well-known for its modest yet amazing beauty where, into the cliffs are built delightful restaurants and bars overlooking the ocean.

The brightly colored shacks and trade stands give the vibrant town plenty of allure and personality, which makes it a well-liked destination for visitors. In fact, many people make the trip to jamaica just for a chance of experiencing the cliffs of Negril.

With so many things to do and see in this small haven, you will enjoy exploring every corner of it. So what makes Negril so amazing? Pull up a beach chair while we take a look.

#1: Royalton Negril

The Royalton Negril is one of the newer resorts, which opened its doors to guests in January 2017. Among the amenities at this beautiful resort are an attractive garden and a large pool.

The resort has a contemporary feel and the comfortable air-conditioned rooms reflect that. Like the other all-inclusive resorts on our list, be prepared for activities, because there are quite a few to do that will keep you busy.

Pros of Royalton Negril

  • Newer resort with modern facilities
  • Attractive rooms and well-kept grounds
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Great nightly entertainment

Cons of Royalton Negril

  • Long room service wait time
  • Diamond Club VIP package needs to be improved upon

Why we love this resort: The modern design and layout of the resort goes a long way to making your stay pleasant. The staff members are caring and attentive, and the nightly entertainment is great.

#2: Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

The moment that you arrive at Beaches Negril Resort, you will feel the relaxed atmosphere that is so contagious. It’s not hard to understand why this is one of the most popular resorts in Negril.

Positioned on the widest part of the white sand beach and crystal clear blue water along Negril’s famed Seven Mile Beach, this all-inclusive resort is made even better by its thrilling and refreshing water park, which is ideal for a day in the Caribbean sun for both you and your kids.

After you have had a fun time on the slides and in the pools, you can enjoy a light lunch or freshly made cocktail from one of the many restaurants and bars, while your children float around on the lazy river.

Pros of Beaches Negril

  • Lots for kids to do
  • Large waterpark
  • Poolside restaurants
  • Fun waterslides

Cons of Beaches Negril

  • Large resort, so it takes some getting used to
  • Can get quite loud with all the children

Why we love this resort: The large waterpark adds a great dimension to the resort, guaranteeing to keep you and your family entertained for hours. The poolside restaurants offer delicious meals and snacks that you can enjoy while taking a break from the sun.

#3: Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa

Perfect if you are looking for both a thrill and leisure, this resort is an all-inclusive resort with the biggest private stretch of beach along the renowned Seven Mile Beach.

You will be able to relish meals at any of the open-air gourmet restaurants, land excursions, water sports, and obviously, working on your tan while relaxing on the beautiful white sands at the beach.

Because of its privileged position, the resort is away from the busyness of the hotel strips, while still being close enough to enjoy a local day trip to town to see the attractions.

Pros of Sandals Negril

  • Open air and beachfront restaurants
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Close to local attractions
  • It’s position on the seven is a huge plus
  • Water sports and other activities for guests

Cons of Sandals Negril

  • Can get quite loud and busy
  • Mostly buffet meals which could be better

Why we love this resort: The open-air restaurants are fantastic, and if you get a butler, they will book great seats in the a la carte restaurants. There are plenty of water sports available, guaranteed to keep you busy.

#4: The Caves Negril

A hidden tropical gem, The Caves is an all-inclusive, adults-only resort which is often considered to be the most dreamy and romantic hotel in Jamaica.

Featuring eleven unique private suites set on the awe-inspiring cliffs overlooking the sea, you can savor delicious local cuisine, refreshing cocktails from the bar, and splendid lush gardens.

Boasting very kind staff, The Caves resort is definitely one Jamaica’s most amazing all-inclusive resorts if you want a more private, intimate experience in this tropical paradise.

Pros of The Caves Negril

  • All-Inclusive and perfect getaway for adults
  • Decent sized property with tons of activities like snorkeling and kayaking
  • Pool overlooking the ocean
  • Modern and rustic-feel to rooms
  • On-site spa
  • Good food and professional staff which always adds to a good experience

Cons of The Caves

  • No kids allowed
  • It’s by the caves so no sandy beach access

Why we love this resort: It is the ideal romantic getaway, and the seclusion and kids-free space allow you to really enjoy unwinding and relaxing. It’ll give you a different expereience as you can enjoy “cliff diving.” We must also add the delicious cuisine is unparalleled.

#5: Hedonism II

This resort was made with adventurous people in mind – those who want an out-of-the-ordinary holiday. Hedonism II is an all-inclusive, adults-only, nudist resort located on an secluded part of Negril’s Seven Mile Beach.

The resort inspires you to explore your wild side and indulge in your desires with the activities and entertainment that is offered. If you would prefer to explore your wild side in a more reserved way, there is a separate area for a bit more modesty.

This resort features a nude beach, various swimming pools, a waterslide, and whirlpools.

Pros of Hedonism II

  • While it’s regarded to be a “nude” resort, there’s also a “prude” section
  • Safe atmosphere where you can be yourself
  • Adult-themed parties
  • Plenty of amenities and activities to enjoy

Cons of Hedonism II

  • No kids allowed (expected of course)
  • You may feel uncomfortable if you are not used to nudity

Why we love this resort: The private beach allows you to enjoy the tropical island without there being any overcrowding. The swimming pools, whirlpools, and waterslide all offer a welcome respite from the warm Caribbean sun. You’re encouraged to be yourself here and whether you’re into the whole nude scene or not you can be comfortable here.

7 Reasons Why Negril is the Ultimate Vacation Spot

  • Negril Sunsets
    There are no words to describe the awe-inspiring experience that is witnessing a Negril sunset. Negril is spectacularly positioned on the western end of the island, and when there are no clouds on a perfect evening it feels like you can see the whole universe as the sun drops on the horizon. Having a picnic dinner or a romantic candlelit meal on the cliffs at dusk will be a memory to be treasured forever.
  • Seven Mile Beach
    The Negril Beach is the island’s most renowned and stunning beach, and is known best as the Seven Mile Beach. It has some of Jamaica’s most striking crystal clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The beach is actually around 4 miles long, despite being called the Seven Mile Beach. It is recommended that tourists to the island visit at least once. You can hire snorkeling gear from a few of the shops nearby. If you would prefer a quicker pace, you can try windsurfing or parasailing.
  • The food
    It doesn’t matter whether you are trying the famed jerk pork and chicken with rice and beans or if you are having a seafood buffet with fresh fish and grilled lobster, you will be transported to a different world with the incredible flavors of Negril.
  • Rick’s Café
    Rick’s Café is one of the most well-known attractions in Negril, and is situated on the most prominent cliff and you can mingle with the locals, enjoy fresh cocktails, groove to the music of a reggae band, while watching the incredible sunset as the cliff diver’s leap from the fantastic 35 foot high cliff. The jumping is usually left to the pros as it can be quite unsafe; however, if you are looking for a bit of a thrill, you can leap off the diving boards that are set at various heights.
  • Negril Parties
    Negril goes wild twice a year with the most amazing parties – during spring break, which is Jamaica’s Independence Week during the first week of August, and during the Easter weekend celebrations. You can expect music, dancing, dramatic clothing, colorful body paints, lots and LOTS of food, and beach bonfires. It is something that every visitor to the island should experience at least once in their life.
  • Swimming with the dolphins
    Dolphins are incredible animals, and you will be able to get up close and personal with the gentle ocean creatures in their natural environment. Grab a pair goggles and a snorkel and enjoy spending some time in the water while watching the dolphins swim around you, as well as a plethora of other colorful and spectacular marine animals.
  • The unbelievable photos
    We have all seen those pictures – white sand beaches fringed with the most unbelievably clear turquoise ocean waters and the most lush tropical trees providing shade like an oasis. Well, in Negril, every single picture you take will look like something from a travel magazine.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for an amazing Caribbean getaway, all of the resorts above offer you a truly marvelous experience. But our favorite is Royalton Negril, which offers modern comfort and luxury, with friendly and attentive staff, and plenty of water sports to keep you and your family busy.

Negril is often overlooked by travelers as it is not as popular as Ocho Rios or Montego Bay, but Negril offers a simple beauty that you will be able to enjoy while relaxing in this tropical paradise.