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Y.S Falls Jamaica – A Day of Relaxation

There are quite a few attractions on this website that feature locations with amazing, natural waterfalls. There’s Dunn’s River Falls located in Ocho Rios which alone sees thousands of tourists every year. There’s also Turtle River Falls & Park which features 14 different ones at that location alone.

But located to the south of Jamaica, in St. Elizabeth, you’ll find Y.S Falls.

Like many other places on the island, it’s surrounded by beautiful trees, gardens and of course a refreshing (often cold) waterfall.

There are roughly seven different falls at this location most of which cascade into natural pools.

Upon arrival to the attraction, you’ll pay a cheap entry fee after which you hop on to a tractor which takes you to the adventure spot. The tractor ride adds that extra bit of “awesomeness” to your experience. Lasting roughly 10 minutes, you’ll traverse a few corners and bends and be greeted by amazing scenery.

If you have your camera on hand, this is your opportunity to take snapshots of the farm animals (cows and horses), the mountains, river streams and more. You’ll notice a sudden drop in temperature as the tractor moves from out the sunlight to the relaxing canopy of trees and water.

When you disembark at your location, you’ll have free roam of the property. You can promptly change into your swimwear and start exploring or be guided by a tour operator who will take you to the top of the main flowing waterfall.

As you climb to the top (via stars), you’ll come across different sections where people can swim. If you’re brave enough, there are areas where you can grab on to the free hanging rope and dive into large pools of water. This is one of the main draws to the area, and tourists line up waiting their turn for the experience.

While there are a lot of lifeguards on duty, I don’t recommend you take on the challenge of diving in (unless you’re a good swimmer of course).

Opening Hours, Group Deals and More

Y.S Falls is open from Tuesday to Sunday between the hours of 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM. On public holidays, the attraction is closed to the public.

If you’re thinking about going with a group of 25 people or more you’ll need to make a reservation before your visit. As you can imagine the attraction does have it’s days where it brings in quite a bit of crowd so this helps to ensure that you can be accommodated on the day you wish to visit with your group.

I didn’t find out much about their discounted rates, but feel free to call their office and ask about the current deal for groups.

Other Activities to Enjoy Here РZip-Lining and the Pools

Apart from the allure of the waterfall and pools, there are other things you can do here as well. There’s the zip-line eperience which is one of the most exciting thrills. While I never tried this myself, those that I did see¬†appeared to be having the time of their lives (you can always tell by the excited screams).

The two big pools on the property are ideally suited for those who can’t swim and of course for kids as well. It’s not at all deep for an adult but deep enough to pass your waist level.

Be sure to check out the gift shop there as well. You’ll find souveniers and gift items you can keep for a memory that will last a lifetime.

Y.S Falls Entry Fee

The cost for entry is as follows:

Adults – $19 US dollars
Children – $10 US dollars

For the Canopy (zip line) tours, the cost is:

Adults – $50 US dollars
Children – $35 US dollars

They accept major credit cards such as American Express and Discover. If you’re unsure if your method of payment is accepted, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

I expect that you’ll be burning lots of calories and you may get quite hungry while there. There’s a restaurant area located by one of the pools which offer delicious Jamaican food (like jerk chicken) that you can enjoy. Be sure to check that out.

What to Bring

Like any adventure you embark on in Jamaica, a camera is important (to capture the moments). You can bring your professional DSLR cameras (just be careful of the water).

If you want to be extra careful, a good water camera can come in handy. For a full list of suggestions, I recommend you check out the What to Bring on Vacation section.

That’s pretty much it for this attraction. Be sure to visit it and come back and let me know about your experience. Feel free to reach out on Facebook and share your thoughts.

Have Fun!


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