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Turtle River Falls & Garden in Ocho Rios

If you find yourself in Ocho Rios on a warm sunny day, you’ll probably want to stop by this location. It’s a 15-acre tropical garden paradise that features 14 different cascading waterfalls.

Formally called the Enchanted Gardens, it’s heaven for a photographer who wants to capture the beauty of nature. It has a wide variety of plants, a lily pond filled with lilies (of course) and Japanese koi.

The main draw to this attraction is the guided tour which takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. On this tour, you’re taken into a rainforest where you get to explore up to 14 natural waterfalls (feel free to take those pictures!). There’s not an area to swim here; however, you’re free to walk right under the waterfalls and enjoy its magnificent features.

Your tour guide will also introduce you to the different species of plants (of which there are up to 100 different ones).

Brought your swimming clothes for a dip? No problem. The swimming pool is open to visitors who want to conclude their trip in relaxation. You’ll also find there is a lawn and garden with ample seating areas just to chill out. For families and groups, there’s also suitable areas for dining.

All the above is great, but one of the things I loved the most (and which I know you will too) is the ability to feed the exotic birds. It’s one of the highlights (especially for kids). Your tour guide will fill your hand with delicious seed treats which the birds love. You’ll find them flying right at you to perch on your hand and have a meal. If you’re lucky enough, they’ll even climb and explore your hair.

The Breakdown

Excited for the adventure yet? Here are the details on entry prices and more:

Cost for Entry

Adults: J$1500
Kids (3-11): J$750
Under 3: FREE

For groups (of 25 people and up) there’s a discount. The prices drop slightly:

Adults: J$ 1400
Kids (3 – 11): J$700
Under 3: FREE

The turtle river falls and garden is open from Monday – Saturday between the hours of 9 AM – 4 PM. On Sundays, it’s usually closed, but after speaking to the person in charge of this beautiful facility, they made me aware that if there’s a group of at least 50 or more the attraction usually accommodates them.

Planning to get married? Well great! Make this one of your spots and hire a wedding photographer to capture your perfect moment. It’s a fantastic place to get some pretty decent shots. If not, it’s the perfect place to relax on a Saturday Evening. It’s especially fun for the kids who will enjoy the time of their life here.

I believe you’ll also find a few professional photographers there that would be happy to capture the moment on film for you. Ask their prices before you let them snap away (if it’s too pricey you can decline the shots).

Worried about sunburn? Nature’s canopy of trees will protect you. Close to the waterfalls, it’s quite refreshing and relaxing. You won’t necessarily need water shoes here, but it definitely can help as you walk under the waterfalls.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best attractions for families in the resort town of Ocho Rios. The next time you find yourself here do not hesitate to give it a try. I’m sure yourself, the family and the kids will have a blast!


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