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9 Great Locations to Visit in Jamaica

Sunny and hospitable Jamaica welcomes more and more tourists from all over the world every year. This is quite understandable: the island boasts beautiful exotic nature, lovely beaches, wonderful untouched places, as well as good infrastructure – hotels and restaurants fit any taste and budget. The main contingent is wealthy tourists, who usually go to Jamaica in couples or small companies. Families with children are less likely to visit due to the duration of the flight.

Tenderly coating with leisurely rhythms, spellbinding with soft sunshine, and refreshing with sea breeze Jamaica will please you with its warm beauty. In addition to endless souvenir shops with Bob Marley portraits, an unspoken legislator of local fashion and lifestyle, Jamaica keeps a huge number of delightful tourist surprises safely hidden among the picturesque mountain scenery, snow-white beaches, and authentic villages.

The main resting way in Jamaica is to slowly enjoy the luxury of the coast. The beaches of Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Treasure Beach, Winnifred, Port Antonio, Mandeville, Runaway Bay, Kingston, sea gardens with oyster cans bode for that.


Jamaica’s southeastern sea pearl is its capital, Kingston. Squeezed between mountain ranges on the southern coast it’s full of romance: ragged buildings occupying a large part of the city are opposed to the modern architectural splendor of rationalism of the northern district. The main attraction is the National Gallery in the Roy West Building that features works of local artists. Another museum is located in the Royal House, the former governor’s residence.

Shopping addicts will satisfy their appetites in the Devon House shopping district where the main shops are located. Among the natural charms are the mineral springs of Rockford, the green Boon-Oasis, the Castleton Botanical Garden and Caymanas Park. Kingston’s visiting card is the Bob Marley Museum which once housed the singer.

The atmosphere of the eternal feast is created by numerous folk street orchestras that organize traditional reggae concerts everywhere.

Kingston’s visiting card is the Bob Marley Museum, which once housed the singer.

Montego Bay

A luxury hotel spot amidst charming sandy beaches with shimmering glossy roofs of ancient mansions is just north of Kingston. In addition, Montego Bay, a fashionable Jamaican resort, is famous for its historically vibrant Fort Montego building.

It’s nice to stroll around St. James’s Church, the Cage (an old prison built in 1806), and the Burchell Memorial Church. Amazing expositions in the halls of local museums will give a pleasant coolness in a hot afternoon. Popular attractions include the Blue Hole Museum, the presentable Rose Hall, the Indian Gallery of Art, the Havens Art Gallery, and the Greenwood-Great House Museum, which features curious antique furniture, musical instruments, and maps.

Tourists will be delighted with the Marine Park and the underwater attractions of the Pirate’s Paradise Water Park. Best beaches: Mosquito Cove, Cornwall, Doctor’s Cave. As for the saturation of the nightlife, it is off the scale here. The strip of noisy clubs, like Dub Club, for example, various restaurants will take your last strengths out of you.


Beach lovers adore this place with its main attraction – the endless, pristine Calico Jack’s beach lazily stretched 7 miles along the coast. Take a yacht trip through the turquoise waters of Bloody Bay around dinner time, explore 18 luxurious reefs, listen to the deafening symphony of YS Falls and breathe in the fragrant air, look under the vaults of Joseph’s Cave or talk to animals in Negril Royal Palm Reserve (more than 300 species) – and every day of staying at this radiant resort will be filled with pleasant emotions and bright pictures.

In the vicinity of Negril, tourists adore visiting small cute fishing villages and the Appleton Estate, known for its distilleries that produce famous Jamaican rum. Further south along the coast is the desert and striking Alligator Pond.

Ocho Rios

A graceful chain of beaches, bays, and capes that stretches far into the milk-pinky haze of the horizon is fascinating and soothing. The resort of Ocho Rios, hovering on the shores of Discovery Bay, consists entirely of small seaside old towns and fishing villages in the shadow of the mountains the peaks of which are buried in the clouds. Top water-sports centers alternate with comfortable modern tennis courts and golf courses.

Rough trade is taking place in the specialized centers of the Ocean Village and the Taj Mahal, the Harmony Hall Art Gallery and Joe James’s Gallery provide food for your soul, and for your stomach – numerous fruit and coffee plantations, the small Museum and the Arawak Gardens are quite cute as well.

The loudest and most beautiful waterfalls are also here: Dunns River Falls – the perfect backdrop for colorful photos. Full bags of wood sculptures, chasing, semiprecious stones, exotic savory sauces, and spices are taken home by the guests of Ocho Rios from local markets. Of course, not without some reggae records and a bottle of Appleton’s or Myers’s Jamaican rum.

Excellent shots can also be made from the observation deck of Murphy Hill, located at an altitude of 670 m.

Port Antonio

A quiet backwater, permeated with pastoral urban motifs, is distinguished by a calm, unhurried flow of life. By the way, the legendary Blue Lagoon, where the film of the same name was shot, is here too. No less attractive is Boston Beach, balmy Castleton Gardens, and the streets of the expensive Crystal Spring resort are beckoning with gingerbread neat hotels and snow-white terraces of restaurants. Local attractions include Folly Ruins, Fort George (17th century), Twin Harbor Bay, Rio Grande Valley, Port Antonio Marina, and Navy Island.

Dunn’s River Falls

Jamaica’s waterfall rhapsody is enchanting and memorable. The soloist among the many water-throwing natural monuments is Dunn’s River. The Cascades of rainbow splashes, boasting rainbows, sobering ice splashes, and an enchanting song of water gathered here.
It is worth using the services of a local guide to get to the very top of it: a delightful pleasure is guaranteed.

The Jamaican Riviera

The notion of the “Jamaican Riviera” is common among locals. That’s how they call the coastal strip along the northern coast of the island, framed by the blue sea, and from the island’s side – by the steep cliffs of the limestone plateau. But on the way to Dunn’s River Falls, you should definitely look into the famous Fern Gully which is home to more than 200 species.

Jamaica’s Beaches

One of the things you’ll love most about Jamaica is the pristine white-sand beaches. Whether you’re spending your time in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Negril you can bet your only meters away from the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you decide to relax under the sun, be sure to take an umbrella, you may also want to grab some chigger repellent (just in case you come across the pesky critters).

There’s so much to see and so much to do in beautiful Jamaica. It’s a wonderful country with great hospitable people, delicious food and amazing attractions.

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