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Why You Should Visit Hawaii this Christmas

Hawaii defines a tropical paradise. Consisting of eight main islands, the small archipelago has beaches, nature and adrenaline pumping activities. Add the dozens of luxurious maui beachfront rentals lining the islands catering for anyone looking for a retreat. If you want to have an unforgettable Christmas, why not book a flight and stay among the world’s most beautiful islands? Keep reading and discover why.

Unmatched beaches

Hundreds of kilometres of coastline surround Hawaii’s eight main islands and dozens of atolls. These give rise to some of the best beaches in the Pacific Ocean. Picture soft white sand stretching endlessly towards the horizon against a thick band of palm trees. Sun loungers cater for the beach-lovers while the bars offer a cold drink with a view. Those willing to splurge can wake to the views of their own private section of beach. Or head to the more popular ones where there’s a healthy mix of both locals and tourists. If you want exclusivity, head a little further afield to the secret coves. All types of travellers will find a beach to suit their needs in Hawaii.

The World’s best surf

Surfing is among the more popular water sports enjoyed by millions around the globe. Hawaii is the surfing mecca producing towering waves on a regular basis. A large proportion of Hawaiians love to get out on the water and take part in the sport their countrymen invented. If you’re experienced, certain parts of the islands get waves reaching two to three metres regularly surging in from the Pacific Ocean. The occasional monsters also roll in for those aiming to catch that perfect wave. But if you’re new to the sport, don’t despair. Several surf schools teach tourists the basics. You can then practice in the gentler waters. Surfing competitions also take place in Hawaii at certain times of the year. If you’re lucky, you might be able to watch the worlds best perform their skills.

Guaranteed warm weather

Hawaii sits in the Pacific Ocean near the Tropic of Cancer. Because of its geographic location, the islands get warm weather throughout the year. Temperatures usually hover in the high 20s (Celsius) and rarely dip to levels when you might need a jumper. Most days are sunny creating the perfect conditions for relaxing on the beach. If you’re tired of the cold and dark winters of North America and Europe, book a flight to Hawaii. Despite Christmas falling in the wet season (starts in November and usually lasts until March), you can still expect long spells of sunshine.

Laid-back Christmas

Almost every tropical island on the planet has a laid-back atmosphere. Locals always dress informally in t-shirts and shorts. Everyone is friendly with a stress-free approach to life. Americans are friendly, and Hawaii takes this to the next level. When you arrive, expect to be greeted with warm smiles. Order a meal in the restaurant and the waiter will strike up a conversation. It’s easy to have a chat with the locals who are always eager to help visitors. So rather than worry about the stress of meeting your extended family and cooking Christmas dinner, why not head to the Pacific for two weeks of chilling out on the beach?

Family-friendly fun

Hawaii isn’t just a destination for adults. Quite the opposite. There are hundreds of activities that cater towards kids including surf schools, aquariums and zoos. You could take older kids cycling or hiking up volcanoes. Or spend your time sitting near the beach. Thousands of families make the trip every year and almost all return with big smiles and long memories. Some families rent one of the beachside vacation rentals to have privacy. Others will book a week or two in one of the resorts, many of which have kid’s clubs and other child-friendly activities.

Get the adrenaline pumping

Not every vacation needs to be about relaxing on the beach. Instead, you might want to take the chance to get the adrenaline pumping doing something you otherwise wouldn’t back at home. Hawaii is a playground for adrenaline junkies. From surfing giant waves to dirt biking along mountain trails, there’s something for everyone. Or to have a more thrilling adventure, take a helicopter ride high above the islands and fly over volcanoes. So rather than spending Christmas Day in front of the TV, head to Hawaii. You can do something that will stick in your memory for the rest of your life.


Few destinations on Earth offer the level of romance found in Hawaii. Ultra-luxurious resorts and candlelit dinners on the beach are two examples. If you’re travelling with a loved one, expect the ultimate level of romance to suit any budget. Why not treat yourselves to a couple’s day at one of the spas? Or simply order a bottle of wine and drink as the sun slowly sets. There are countless ways to have a romantic time in Hawaii if you know where to look. Do a quick Google search and hundreds of activities will show up. Choose a few and surprise your spouse with something you’ll both enjoy. This certainly beats the stress and chaos of trying to organise Christmas back at home.

Hawaii as a Christmas destination

While most tourists prefer to spend their Christmas at home, a handful will head off to the airport for a trip of a lifetime. If you’re looking for sun, surf and romance, consider taking a vacation in Hawaii. Throw in the luxurious accommodation, adrenaline activities and family-friendly fun, and it promises to be the best Christmas ever.

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