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5 Best Waterproof Backpack for Travel on the Market in 2019

The days of wrapping your backpack with a polythene bag to protect it from a sudden downpour is now a thing of the past.

Waterproof backpacks are some of the best inventions for adventurers as they provide adequate protection for their items. In the following write up, we explore more on waterproof packs and review some of the best to your benefit.

#1: Bopai Business Backpack

This aesthetically appealing backpack has all the features that you as a traveler will find useful. For starters, it comes with an anti-theft design where the double design zips are hidden from those who would want to pickpocket. And that’s not all; the pack has a concealed zip pocket at the back for cards, check, money and wallet among others. The bag has a 45-degree opening capability to ensure the contents do not spill over.

If you are technology-savvy, the bag also comes with a USB charging design. It has the necessary cable connecting to a power bank inside.

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  • An attractive design for every occasion
  • A waterproof backpack for the safety of your items
  • Has a concealed zip pocket at the back for the safety of your wallet, money and other items
  • A convenient construction of 45 degrees that prevents the spilling over of items
  • A USB charging construction to keep your devices all juiced up while on travel


  • The zipper quality may not be the best
  • A square design that may not be appealing to some people

#2: Kopack Business Laptop Backpack

This waterproof backpack comes with a spacious compartment to fit most laptop sizes. The bag is shockproof and padded to provide the most appropriate protection for your laptop and others. It has an antitheft zipper that ensures the safety of your gear when in a crowd or walking on the street.

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  • Has a spacious compartment to fit the majority of laptop sizes
  • The chambers are shockproof and padded ensuring the most appropriate protection for your devices
  • An antitheft zip for the protection of your gear
  • Made from 210D thick Nylon for durability and waterproofing
  • Airflow design and padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort


  • May be a little too big and uncomfortable for short stature people

#3: TanTaiNick Laptop USB Backpack

The backpack screams business and connectedness when you catch a glimpse of it. It comes with a USB port connecting your power bank inside and phone or tablet outside. The Oxford fabric this backpack is constructed on is anti-dust and anti-rain for durability and sufficient protection of your items.

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  • An attractive design especially for the business minded and technology-savvy
  • Made from a durable Oxford fabric – waterproof and anti-dust
  • A high capacity of 40L to fit all your items
  • Has a convenient zipper pocket making it easy to access your items inside
  • The laptop pocket is padded for adequate protection of your items


  • Can attract the wrong attention while traveling – any can assume you have a laptop or tablet inside

#4: U-Go-Lucky Laptop Backpack for Men Women

This unisex waterproof laptop has sufficient space to hold any laptop – it may be one of the best laptop bags around. The bag is made of durable canvas material that protects your devices sufficiently. And to keep pickpockets away from your items, this backpack has an antitheft lock for when you are traveling in the crowd.

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  • Sufficient storage for most of the laptop sizes up to 17 inches
  • Made from the durable canvas material that is sufficiently waterproof
  • An antitheft lock when traveling in high traffic places
  • A universal backpack that both women and men may find functional
  • This is a versatile backpack that you may use to carry books or go hiking


  • May not fit a 17-inch laptop
  • May come with an unpleasant smell

#5: ibagbar Business Laptop Backpac

The bag is made from the durable oxford textile – tear resistant and water repellent. It has a large capacity to fit most laptop brands and sizes. And to make organization more comfortable for you, the bag comes with many pockets. There are also two water bottle pockets to ensure you are adequately hydrated wherever you go.

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  • Constructed of the durable oxford material for added durability
  • A large capacity to fit any laptop brand and size
  • Many pockets for a natural organization of your items
  • Two water bottle pockets to keep you hydrated while on a hike
  • Versatile and can be used as school pack or for travels


  • Not fully waterproof
  • May not fit a 15.6-inch laptop

What are Waterproof Backpacks Made of?

It’s an everyday question many ask. What makes a backpack so tough to resist even the heaviest of downpours?

The most standard material in waterproof bags is polyester or nylon coated with PVC tarpaulin and TPU. Both elements are sturdy and abrasion resistant making them ideal for every situation.

And to make sure there is a tight bond between materials, these packs have RF welded seams. This technology utilizes electromagnetic seams to form an unbreakable bond that even the smallest of water particles cannot breach. The strong seams and waterproofing materials make these backpacks the ideal run-to-product when you need to keep your items dry while on travel or camping.

Why you need a Waterproof Backpack

These kinds of bags are ideal especially when you are not sure what to expect from Mother Nature. The weatherman may sometimes seem a little off in their reading of the weather, and you have some relevant documents to deliver across town.

A waterproof backpack is one of the best ways to keep your stuff all dry. You are familiar with those unpredictable moments that out of the blue it starts raining. You have also witnessed the anxiety on the face of fellow commuters caught unawares with expensive equipment. They fumble about and scramble for cover desperately.

It is not a fun experience to finally find out that your favorite backpack is nothing more than a sponge when it comes to dealing with water.

The best waterproof backpack is a source of peace of mind wherever you are going. You do not have to worry anymore that your expensive mirrorless camera will experience the brunt of the elements. Heck, you can use your motorbike and not worry about what the weather has in store.

These backpacks also give you the freedom to choose the fun activities you need to engage on the weekend. If you are fond of river trips and kayaking, then a waterproof pack provides an avenue to bring your expensive camera and capture the fun moments – some moments are just too precious to let go.

The most ideal is also incredibly versatile and have all the features you need on a travel backpack. They can have many compartments and pockets for a more natural organization of your gear among others.

The Difference between a Water Resistant and Waterproof Backpack

It is good to differentiate between water resistant and waterproof backpacks so that you can make the right choice and stay aloof embarrassing situations. A water-resistant backpack is made of waterproofing materials, but they do not have fully-taped seams. They are ideal for hauling school books and occasional travels when the weather is looking up. Water resistant backpacks can withstand occasional splash and short downpours protecting your items.

However, they cannot take a significant amount of rain or water – they cannot be submerged in water. When you need something heavy duty, something that will perfectly deal with a prolonged period in the rain, you call in the Calvary.

Waterproof backpacks are the real deal as they can withstand even the wettest conditions. They are made from heavy-duty waterproofing fabric for a high level of protection. Their seams are taped ensuring they are completely watertight – not a single droplet can find its way to your stuff no matter the rate of a downpour.

It merely means that you can use your backpack for kayaking trips and places where water is in plenty. Waterproof bags are a better source of peace of mind when compared to water resistant varieties.

And what are the Shortcomings of Waterproof Backpacks?

Among the shortcomings that accompany waterproof backpacks include the fact that the material is heavier. Their nature makes them a little heavy than your typical bag.

Another shortcoming is that these bags are not that cheap. The waterproofing feature comes at a price, but it is always worth it. Welding is one expensive way of manufacturing backpacks. And to top it all, not all fabrics can be welded and so the material of waterproof backpacks is specific.


There are many reasons to choose a waterproof backpack. Among them is the fact that they offer enhanced protection for your items while on travel. They are also a source of peace of mind as you are sure your gear is all safe and sound. The above products will all make decent choices depending on preference. However, if you are looking for a top of the range waterproof backpack, then Bopai Business Backpack may be the best among them.

The pack carries an attractive design suitable for all occasions, has an antitheft design ensuring the security of your devices and has a USB charging port to keep your devices all juiced up. With this product, you may be well-covered while on travel.