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Best Walking Sandals for Travel | Most Comfortable and Fashionable

It is quite common to overlook the fact that you will be on your feet for a significant amount of time while traveling. As such many prioritize fashion over comfort and that should never be the case. Ideally, the primary objective should always be first to find shoes that are comfortable and suit our style.

In the following review, we look at some of the best sandals for travel to ensure you are well sorted and comfortable to enjoy.

#1: ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

This is probably one of the best sandals on the market right now. They are made from durable leather that will last – you will travel many places without the sandals showing any sign of weakness. The soles are durable, flexible and comfortable rubber to support you as you travel. Its inside is neoprene that enhances your comfort as you move from one place to the other. It also has EVA microfiber footbed for a high level of comfort.

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  • Made from durable leather to last many years
  • Rubber soles that are pretty comfortable as you travel from one place to the other
  • Neoprene for comfortable wear
  • EVA microfiber footbed for a high level of cushioning and stability
  • Has a PU midsole foam for durable cushioning
  • They handle water considerably well and can take a stroll at the beach comfortably


  • The inner sole may wear pretty easily
  • They may make an annoying squeaky sound

#2: Ahnu Women’s Tilden V Sports Sandal

These are attractive looking women’s sandals ideal for travel. They are made of durable waterproof leather and are built to last long. And to ensure your comfort, the sandal has inner rubber sole ensuring you can walk for long. It has a polyutherane footbed for breathability and cushioning. This footwear is treated with Aegis anti-microbial to counteract any odor you and will not be ashamed of wearing them anywhere. Another useful material is Ethylene vinyl which adequately absorbs any amount of shock.

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  • Aesthetically appealing sandals perfect for any outdoor occasion
  • A durable and waterproof sandal appropriate for any environment including the wet ones
  • Rubber inner sole making the sandal pretty comfortable
  • A polyethylene footbed – breathable and a soft cushioning
  • Treated with Aegis anti-microbial to get rid of any foot odor
  • Has Ethylene vinyl for efficient shock absorption


  • The sizes may not be standard

#3: Kunsto Men’s Synthetic Leather Open-Toe Sandal

This is another shoe made from durable synthetic leather and is perfect for traveling. And to ensure they are gentle on your feet, they come with a rubber sole. It has hooks and loops that are adjustable for a better fit. The footwear is pretty breathable and lightweight making them ideal for travel. They have a great tread pattern for an excellent grip as you walk on steep areas.

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  • Made from the durable synthetic leather to last for years
  • A rubber sole for enhanced comfort
  • Adjustable hooks and loops for maximum comfort
  • The synthetic upper is breathable and lightweight
  • A durable outsole that comes with excellent tread pattern for an efficient grip
  • The footwear is attractive looking and ideal for a variety of situations


  • The soles are not the most durable

#4: Vionic Camila Women Open Toe Synthetic Black Slides Sandal

Some women love a simple and durable design for travel, and this pretty much fulfills this requirement. They have rubber soles that are pretty gentle on your feet. And to ensure more comfort as you walk, the footwear has an adjustable Velcro. These sandals are light and well-designed making them ideal for those that love strolls down the beach.

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  • Has a simple and durable design
  • Rubber soles for maximum comfort as you travel
  • A durable and adjustable Velcro to ensure the sandals adequately fit
  • They may be light and relatively comfortable making them perfect for walking


  • May not be the most appropriate for people suffering from plantar fasciitis
  • The heel bed may be a little hard

#5: Zicoope Summer Breathable Closed-Toe Strap Sandals For Boys

These synthetic sandals also come with rubber soles for comfort. To ensure they are fitting, they come with hook-and-loop adjustability. They are pretty lightweight that the boys and little children will not feel any effect. And for those that love little strolls at the beach, these sandals are ideal for your children.

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  • They have rubber soles for the comfort of your feet
  • Lightweight that they are easy to walk on
  • Water-friendly sandals to travel in wet places with them
  • They are breathable for your baby’s feet
  • A heavy duty shoe that will last long


  • Does not offer any arch support and may not be appropriate for some people
  • The sole lining may readily soak up water and not dry quickly

Why Walking Sandals are Important while on Travel

Some of the travels are associated with high levels of activity that include sightseeing and standing in line for hours. If your choice of sandals is poor, then your feet will be screaming all through and praying to be let free throughout the length of the trip.

The best walking sandals allow your feet to have some fresh air and be comfortable. And if your feet are comfortable, you enjoy your trip.

And then there is the heat factor. Traveling when the sun is flexing its muscles can sometimes be hectic and uncomfortable. Having closed shoes at such a time can feel like your feet are in the oven. Walking sandals are quite open and allow sufficient airflow making you comfortable.

Sandals are convenient and are easy to access. Sometimes when you are on a plane or bus, you may feel the need to let your feet breathe by removing the shoes. With sandals, you can quickly put them on and be on your way off the bus. A big plus.

The Drawbacks of Having Sandals when Traveling

Sandals have their advantages, but they also have some shortcomings. For starters, it is pretty challenging to take a sandal-clad individual seriously – it’s just the culture. If meeting your acquaintances, it is just better to wear decent closed shoes for a good first impression.

If you are on a long journey, part of which you are required to walk, then sandals may not be the most ideal. The longer you walk, the longer the sandals become uncomfortable. Those straps keeping the sandal in place can start digging into foot turning your walks into a painful exercise- there is no fun in that.

And if you have any kind of wound on your foot, wearing them is merely an invitation for infection. Sandals leave your foot exposed and prone to infections. You never know when you are going to dig into sewers with your foot full of blisters, abrasions or cuts aggravating the situation.

The floor is awash with nasty disease-causing micro-creatures. Your injured foot on sandals can act like a sponge on the water taking in all sorts of bacteria and may end up with a severe infection.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Walking Shoes

  • The Shape of your Foot: we are different in so many ways and what may be comfortable for one person may not for the next. Your foot shape is a critical factor you should consider as it determines your level of comfort and foot health. If you are not sure of a specific shape, it is always good to first try them out before making the final decision.
  • Gender: yes, this is an essential factor to consider as shoes are made with specific sex in mind. Well, it would be pretty uncomfortable to find that some sandals you bought are generally considered to be of the opposite gender.
  • Appropriate support and flexibility: the best sandals for you should have excellent support for your feet. Wear and walk around with them to determine how supportive they are. For flexibility, bend them upwards. It should not turn at the arch but rather, at the ball of the foot.
  • Waterproofing: this factor is mostly down to the environment and terrain you will be traveling. If you are in places with a significant amount of water like at the beach, then waterproof sandals that dry fast will be sufficient.
  • The Foot Bed: since you will be on your feet for the majority of the journey, the ideal pair of sandals should have a footbed gentle to your feet. The cushion on the sandals should be sufficiently soft to shield your foot from rocks and other objects on the surface.
  • Style: contemporary designs are not only sturdy, but they are also stylish. It is essential to choose the style we are comfortable with as it contributes to your confidence. However, prioritize comfort over style since you will be most of the time on your feet than anything else.


The best walking sandals for travel make your walks pretty easy without much hassle. They allow your feet to breath, are durable and have a soft inner lining for comfort when walking. It is necessary that they are water resistant to go with them to the beach and other wet places. Any of the above sandals will make decent choices and will depend on your preference. However, the best among them is the ECCO Men’s, Yucatan Sandal.

This sandal has excellent features including EVA microfiber footbed ensuring superior cushioning and stability. The sandals are made from durable leather and can easily handle a significant amount of water – you can quickly go to the beach and the pool without any problem.