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Best Travel Duffel Bag in 2019 – International Lightweight & Rolling Bags

One thing growing in popularity among contemporary travelers are duffel bags. These travel items can hold a lot of gear and are more comfortable to carry. As manufacturers try to compete with each other and scramble for the market, you will find different designs and features – all to your advantage. The best duffel bag should serve your needs appropriately and be long-lasting.

Honestly, there are numerous travel bags out there and going through each one of them is a herculean task. If you manage to narrow down the list, you may still end up with a duffel bag that you never wanted. And because we care, we have taken the trouble to review some of the best travel duffel bags on the market. Enjoy the read and get the best travel companion for you.


SUVOM Leather Overnight Duffle Bag

Shacke Duffel XL - Large Travel Duffel Bag
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  • Meets airline carryon rule

    Doubles as a weekender or shoulder bag

    Very durable and long-lasting
    Roomy and makes for easy organization

    Can act as your primary luggage
per month $20 per month $30

Extra Large Duffle Bag with Pockets

Ulgoo Travel Duffel Bag Canvas Bag

Unlimited routes
with GPX
  • Multi-functional duffel bag

    Made of honeycomb polyester

    Waterproof and easy to carry
    Made of durable canvas and PU leather

    Multiple pockets
per month $50 per month $60
Samsonite Tote-A-Ton 32.5 inch Duffel

Other Travel Duffel Bags
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maps & support
  • 100% denier nylon

    Durable and waterproof
    Other High Quality Travel Duffel Bags
per month $90 per month $100

What is a Duffel Bag?

This is a kind of bag taking a cylindrical shape. They have a zipper closure and a drawstring at the top. Duffel bags are traditionally made of a sturdy canvas material and have a relatively long history.

The origin of these bags is believed to be Duffel – a town in Belgium during the 17th century. This is also the place where the cloth initially came from.

After World War 2, they grew in popularity, and you could see them initially carried by naval personnel throughout the European continent. The original heavy surplus bags were then taken up by anybody in need of convenient items to hold stuff while on the move.

It was not long before they were adopted by various manufacturers who made several variations and sold around the world. Their popularity among travelers just indicates that they are something worth having.

What to look for in the Best Duffel Bag

  • Purpose: if you are going on a trip and you need a bag you can stuff a lot of gear, then a duffel bag would be the best. This is a decent choice if you will be carrying it for short distances. They are perfect for diving trips or sports. However, they may not be as good for general travel.
  • dditional features: some of the new duffel bags are coming with wheels and a grafted handle on its back. The extra features make them easier to move around. However, these features must serve your needs and preferences sufficiently.
  • Security: if you are a frequent traveler and in love with these kind of bags, you should make sure you get one with a lockable zip. The placing of external pockets is usually a cause for worry as you never know when you will come across an individual with ill intentions.
  • Capacity: duffel bags come in various shapes and sizes, and your right kind will depend on the form and amount of the stuff you will be carrying. While the majorities are cylindrical in form, you will also find rectangular bags allowing you to carry more. A large pack with soft sides can easily lose shape when below capacity making them impossible to carry.
  • Durability: the question of longevity does not feature where duffel bags are concerned – at least for the majority of cases. Regardless, you will quickly find poor quality duffel bags in the market, and so you should be careful. If you are satisfied with the material, check the zippers as they are usually their weakest point. There is no use having a rugged pack with broken zippers – a dangerous combination.A waterproof material is always the most preferable in luggage. Of course, your items are better placed where no moisture or water can find its way inside. The straps and handles should be heavily stitched to handle a considerable amount of weight. Be careful if going for duffels specially designed for travel. The extra features such as their wheels and extra handle can form their weakest points.
  • The price: just like any other product in the market, the cost of duffel bags will vary depending on various factors like quality and capacity. Don’t rush to go the cheap way as you may end up with an inferior quality product that may leave you with an egg on the face when everything spills right in front of everyone. A well-priced, good quality bag is stylish and presentable. It’s something you will be proud of carrying around in the streets.However, that is not a trump card to choose the most expensive bag you can find. Expensive does not always mean quality. Do your research on the kind of bag you feel is the most appropriate and you will be okay. An excellent place to start is the customer reviews. Those that have already bought the product and used them are better placed to point out their shortcomings – as a matter of fact.

Best Travel Duffel Bag Reviews

#1: SUVOM Leather Overnight Duffle Bag Canvas Travel Tote Duffel Weekend Bag Luggage

This 45L bag is definitely, a top duffel based on some factors. First, this bag will not give you a headache if taking a flight as its dimensions are within ordinary airport limits. It is multifunctional when you need it to be – the duffel can be a weekender, as well as, a shoulder bag heading for a vacation. Regarding durability, this bag is 100% canvas and crazy horse leather – no question about it. And to make it easy to carry, it comes with a top handle strap – comfortable on your palm.


  • Its dimensions are within airline limits
  • Durable product
  • Easy to carry
  • Multiple pockets for effective management
  • Two zipper pockets


  • There may be quality issues with the zippers

#2: Extra Large Duffle Bag with Pockets – Waterproof Duffel Bag for Women and Men

If you are in the market for the sturdy and waterproof duffel, then you may find this product a perfect match. It is made of honeycomb polyester which also gives it an attractive look. This product is large enough to hold enough stuff for a weekend getaway. You may not need any other bag.

Multifunctional duffel saves you the trouble of having several carrying products that can do the same thing. You can use this item when heading to the gym or your friend’s place for a few days – whatever activity you might be thinking of. The many pockets are there to help you organize your stuff neatly.


  • A sturdy bag
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to carry
  • Multifunctional
  • Durable YKK zippers
  • The carrying straps are handy


  • The bag may be too light when you need to carry just a handful – can quickly loose its shape

#3: Samsonite Tote-A-Ton 32.5 inch Duffel

Samsonite is a go-to brand if looking for a good quality product. This duffel is 100% denier nylon with a nylon lining for durability and waterproofing. Cleaning through hand wash is easy. Its main compartment is roomy and can fit most of your stuff without much effort. Should the time come to put this bag away, its collapsible nature makes it possible.

You can use this duffel as a shoe sac, hiking companion or sports bag among others – quite the convenient type. Kid going to summer camp will find this duffel quite useful.


  • Durable denier nylon
  • Easy to clean
  • A lightweight product
  • A roomy main compartment
  • Collapsible, so it’s easy to store


  • Must be full to the brim to maintain its shape

#4: Shacke Duffel XL – Large Travel Duffel Bag – Foldable w/ Memory Foam Shoulder

There are those people, especially the ladies that just love extra-large bags to carry all the items they need while on the move. This quality duffel is roomy and can act as your primary luggage. The rectangular shape makes organization of your stuff comfortable and convenient – better than cylindrical. It also has double zippers for easier access to your contents. And for extra durability, the pack is thick nylon with double bottom lining. All it fixtures are metallic which are not easy to break like the cheap plastic.


  • The bag is quite roomy
  • Easy to carry
  • Extra-large to act as your primary luggage
  • Has double zippers
  • Double bottom lining
  • Metal fixtures


  • Cannot easily hold its shape

#5: Ulgoo Travel Duffel Bag Canvas Bag PU Leather Weekend Bag Overnight

This duffel is thick canvas and PU leather – quite durable. It is also an attractive pack that will leave heads turning as you pass. This duffel has several pockets inside including a pocket for your cell phone. There is a pocket for your iPad and another for keys and coins – how great is that? Its zippers are high quality and will run from one end to the other without much fuss.


  • Convenient pockets
  • Easy to use
  • A high quality and durable bag
  • High-quality zipper that runs smoothly
  • Several pockets for your item


  • You will need to handle the zipper with much care

There are several reasons why duffel bags are today favorite among travelers. Among them is their convenience and compact size. However, good duffel must have the right capacity, durable and high quality. All the above listed easily fulfill this requirement. However, SUVOM Leather Overnight Duffle Bag is a decent choice.

The bag has multiple pockets for easier packing. It is durable, attractive and has the right dimensions to pass most requirements of carriers. With this bag, nothing could possibly go wrong as its straps and bottom are good quality and can take abuse.

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