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Best Travel Backpack in 2019 for Traveling Anywhere in the World

It’s not every bag that’s ideal for every occasion. This becomes apparent when you buy a hiking bag and realize that it is not suitable for travel. The same case applies to others specialized bags like the hunting bag. To avoid confusion and situations where you get the wrong pack, it is always good to determine what you need in a backpack.

Below, we review some of the best travel backpacks on the market to make it easier for you.

#1: Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

For most people on the travel, attractive design is vital, and this bag isn’t too bad either in that department. The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps making it easier and comfortable to carry around. And for those that detest the prolonged and intrusive checkpoints, this bag has a great design that makes the whole process easier – the screening process.

The pack also has an extra-big main compartment to hold everything you require for the trip. And what’s more, the bag comfortably stands up even with all your stuff. There is also a water bottle pocket to hold 20 oz container.

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  • Carries an attractive design suitable for every occasion
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort
  • An innovate design for faster and easier screening
  • Air-mesh panel at the back for increased airflow and comfort
  • Extra-large main compartment for holding everything you require
  • Can comfortably stay upright even when packed with stuff


  • The straps may not be sufficient to cover the bag when full

#2: TanTaiNick Laptop USB Backpack

This is one backpack ideal for the technology-savvy travelers. For starters, the bag comes with a USB cord which connects to the power bank inside and charges your phone. And to ensure durability, the pack is made from oxford material – durable, waterproof and dustproof. This is also a high capacity bag that can hold most of your items comfortably without straining.

Travelers need easy access to their items wherever they move, and this bag comes with an external easy access zipper pocket. It has an independent padded compartment for the laptop and iPad, so they are secure.

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  • Has USB cable for charging your devices, so you stay connected
  • Made of the durable oxford material
  • A 40L capacity to hold a lot of your necessary travel equipment
  • A convenient external zipper pocket making it easier to access your items
  • A padded laptop and pad compartment for enhanced protection of your devices


  • May not be the best design for some people

#3: Uoobag Business Backpack

Business travelers may find this backpack quite functional with numerous pockets for easier organization – you will also find a mesh water bottle pocket among others. It may hold a laptop of up to 16 inches comfortably. And to ensure you are connected and your devices are charged, the bag comes with a USB cable.

This may be a very comfortable bag as it has a mesh back, padded shoulders, and airflow design and comfort when carrying it around.

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  • May hold a laptop of up to 16 inches comfortably
  • A USB cable for easier charging of your devices
  • A comfortable bag as it has padded shoulders, airflow back panel
  • Has numerous compartments for easier organization of your stuff
  • Constructed of durable nylon fabric


  • Has no small compartment for the frequently used items

#4: SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

The backpack is made of durable 1200D ballistic polyester for many years of use. It is quite a convenient bag for any traveler as it may quickly open allowing a faster check at the airport. The pack is also organized and spacious with many pockets for the different gear you need while on travel.

It may be a very comfortable bag as it has a mesh back panel, padded shoulders, and compression straps.

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  • A durable material to probably withstand abuse from constant use and the elements
  • Allows easy checks at the airport, so you move along quickly
  • Numerous pockets and is spacious for easy organization of your stuff
  • May be quite a comfortable pack with meshed and padded back panel, padded shoulders, and compression straps


  • The shape may feel awkward for some people
  • May not easily stand on its own

#5: Kuprine 12-14 inch Lightweight Slim Best Laptop Backpack

It is a convenient and convertible backpack that you may quickly turn into a messenger bag or briefcase should you need to. An easy to organize bag is ideal for travel and to ensure this, it has numerous pockets and compartments. The product is made from a durable nylon fabric that is tear and water resistant – your items are pretty safe inside and may give long years of service.

[dt_sc_one_column first][dt_sc_button size=”xlarge” link=”http://amzn.to/2GmPi0S” type=”type1″ iconstyle=”no-icon” icon=”” target=”_blank” variation=”blue” bgcolor=”” textcolor=”” class=””]Check Price on Amazon.com[/dt_sc_button][/dt_sc_one_column]


  • A convertible bag that you can change into a briefcase or messenger bag when necessary
  • Various compartments and pockets for easier organization
  • Made from durable nylon material –tear and water resistant
  • An attractive design fitting for multiple occasions
  • Full shoulder straps and top handle for comfortable handling


  • The zippers don’t go down far enough
  • Stitching of the compartments may not be the best

Why not use a Hiking Backpack?

Well, they are several reasons why hiking backpacks are not ideal for travel and among them is design. Basically, hiking packs open from the top making it pretty tricky to get your stuff like clothes out. You need to unpack your gear if the item you need is at the bottom – pretty inconvenient and revealing when on a public and crowded place.

When you are out camping, you don’t require your stuff until you are where you need to set up camp. Travelers are always in need of one thing or another en route to their destination. They open the bag several times and to ensure convenience; they must have the ideal design.

Travel backpacks have several compartments and external pockets making organization and access pretty easy.

Still on the design, hiking backpacks are narrow and wide which enhances the ease of carrying them. They somehow center the load, so you don’t feel the strain on one side of your shoulder. Well, while it sounds a great design idea, it is only ideal for hiking. It is stress when packing or organizing your stuff – not suitable for travelers.

Hiking backpacks have numerous straps that attach to your body making the bag convenient. This is necessary as you are mostly on the move walking or climbing. However, it usually is not ideal if your bag is going through the conveyor belt in an airport or on overhead storage compartment.

The straps can get caught in the process risking your contents in an unimaginable way when they are ripped off.

The Benefits of Travel Backpack

Travel backpacks afford you a certain sense of discreetness you need in your travels. As you are aware, there is sometimes need to keep a low profile when in new places. With a backpack, you are pretty quiet. You will slide down the stairs and sidewalks without much fuss.

Your fellow pavement users will not be annoyed, and the petty thieves may not have time to notice you and react – you are light and quick on your feet. You will change slow moving pavements, and you have the full use of both your hands.

And the good thing about having your hands free is that you retain high level mobility. Your hands help you maintain balance and move swiftly.

Travel backpacks are lightweight and versatile. If you pack smart, you can have everything you need for the trip. You become lighter and can move to any place you want with much ease.

Rolling suitcases are a different thing altogether. They are so noisy that they attract every kind of attention. They are also pretty bulky and limit your motion significantly. Suitcases are like a banner with the name ‘tourist’ imprinted on them – so much for playing low profile.

Backpacks also give you flexibility and can move to any place with much ease. You can put it under your seat or hold it on your lap when using public transport. And on reaching your destination, you can push through between people making sure you don’t miss your stop. You know how bulky suitcases can be – slowing you down at the time you need to be faster.

The Shortcomings Associated with Travel Backpacks

For starters, travel backpacks are relatively new, and so there are several design goofs. For example, the hip belt is one of the essential parts, but many brands skimp on them. The main work of a hip belt is to transfer the weight to your hips leaving your shoulder with the simpler role of support.

The straps are not as rugged as those on hiking backpacks. They are a sort of poor quality compared to their counterparts as it is assumed you will be on a plane or other means of public transport and will not need them for long.

However, for some of us, backpacks allow our hands to be free to do other stuff and provide us with the necessary efficiency to move along. If the straps prove inadequate, then you may not achieve the required efficiency.


Every traveler needs a bag that makes their ‘moving around’ with the stuff they need pretty easier. The best travel backpack should be comfortable to carry and have sufficient space for all the necessary travel items. You will not go wrong with any of the above packs, but Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack is our top choice for a reason.

This backpack is comfortable to carry, has sufficient space for all your items, and easily stays upright – it does not fall on its back. And to top it all, the backpack has an easy to screen design so that you can move along quicker – no unnecessary delays at the airport.