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Best Dry Bags | Backpacks for Outdoor Travel Adventures

Some fun activities we choose are just too wet for our devices. However, you may need to bring them along to capture the fun moments when it is appropriate to do so. For example, you may boast a mirrorless camera, but it would mean nothing if you can’t capture some great outdoors such as surfing.

In the following review, we look at some of the best dry bags available on the market to make your choice much easier.

#1: Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag

This is an attractive bag made from Hypalon nylon making it soft and lightweight. It has secure lash loops making for more natural stacking. The bag is waterproof and therefore ideal if you are a water games kind of person. And if you have a lot to carry, a bigger bag is perfect and comfortably carries everything.

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  • Made from durable and lightweight nylon material ideal for travel
  • A long-lasting and waterproof Hypalon nylon ensuring all your stuff is dry
  • Bigger capacity bags are perfect for carrying everything you need on a boating trip
  • A versatile bag that you can use when going camping, hiking or kayaking among others


  • The bag may not be entirely waterproof especially if you don’t seal properly

#2: Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag

Apart from their attractive design, these dry bags are quite durable and will go for years serving you faithfully. And unlike some of the dry bags in the market, these come with shoulder straps making transportation so much more comfortable for you – the 10 and 20L have single straps while the 30 and 40L have padded straps.

For those that would not want every moment to pass them by, the dry bag comes with a waterproof phone case you can use to put your phone inside and take pictures as you have fun.

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  • Has an attractive design that you will be proud carrying around
  • Durable and rugged to take a significant amount of abuse without bulking
  • Comes with a waterproof phone case you can use to protect your phone as you take photos
  • A well-established brand that makes quality products


  • You most fold the top properly to keep the moisture away

#3: Ultra Dry Premium Waterproof Bag

This is another great bag for those that love being around water. The bag is pretty heavy-duty as you can comfortably bring along your electronics on a water adventure or sport. It is made of light and firm material that will not puncture easily when cables are pressed against the bag – this often happens when we bring our cables for charging.

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  • It is a heavy duty waterproof bag that keeps your items dry for long
  • Lightweight and durable meaning – will not easily puncture and tear
  • Comes with a waterproof phone case to protect and use your phone while on an adventure
  • Comes with removable and long shoulder straps for easier transportation


  • If not careful, the bag can easily rip

#4: Mountain Splash Dry Bag-Waterproof Bag

This is an aesthetically appealing bag that can protect all your valuable items from the water. It is also a multifunctional bag that you can use in motorsports and other outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. The pack has a pretty comfortable shoulder strap and handle. And should this bag slip and fall into the water, it can easily float – a great feature!

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  • An aesthetically appealing bag you can take on any occasion
  • A multifunctional pack you can use in various places and activities
  • Easily floats on water for enhanced protection of your items
  • Fully waterproof to ensure full protection of your things
  • It is spacious and fits everything you need


  • Needs careful folding at the top to keep water off

#5: Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3

This is a high-quality product that probably offers protection for all your items inside the bag. It is waterproof and durable to provide many years of service. The bag has double-seal locks that may keep all your gear dry. And to make it easier to transport, the backpack has ergonomic features that include a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

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  • Durable product that may withstand a variety of conditions
  • The bag comes with ergonomic features including an adjustable shoulder – also removable
  • This set of three includes bags of various sizes
  • There is a waterproof pouch for the small items such as credit cards and keys
  • Has a waterproof case for your phone – makes it possible to use it when doing the water activity


  • May be difficult to open and close
  • It can sometimes come with an awful smell

Why do you need a Dry Bag?

Proper planning is among the most critical factors to consider when going on an outdoor adventure.

It is not strange for something to happen when on a hike such as an injury, lost gear or even changes in weather. Before a hike, it is vital to ensure you have all the necessary supplies to make it a success. It includes having a method of carrying and protecting all your equipment.

If you are a snow sports or water sports enthusiast, having an extra clean and a dry pair of clothing can be the difference between hypothermia and comfort. A dry bag lets you have as much fun as possible while keeping your equipment and machinery as dry as possible.

It also helps manage your laundry while on a trip. With a dry bag, you can carry the soiled and wet together with the rest of them after you have had your fun. And if you are a bit worried about odor, you can secure the top of the dry bag and put it at the bottom of the suitcase.

In contemporary times, travelers seem to carry a lot of cables for their electronics. It usually gets worse when these wires get tangled with the rest of your stuff. And should you have a water bottle inside, a small spill can spell doom for them.

With a dry bag, you can place all your cables inside, and they can be protected from water and moisture. Dry bags are usually made from a sturdy material that makes sure the hard metallic edges do not penetrate and stay secure inside.

What to Look For when Buying the Best Dry Bag

  • The Material: they are two standard materials from which dry bags are made, and they include nylon and vinyl. Vinyl scores considerably when it comes to keeping water out and hauling heavy equipment. Nylon, on the other hand, is flexible and soft making it ideal for storing sleeping bags and clothes.The choice between the two is all down to the activity you are into and the equipment you have with you. For example, if you are an ardent kayaker, then you are better off with something heavy duty – simply, vinyl bags.
  • The Closing Mechanism: the other thing you need to check is the closing mechanism. Typically, there are two types – zipper seal and roller top. Zipper seal is basically the press and seal kinds. They are not very efficient and require a kind of lubrication to work.The roll tops are better as they create an airtight sort of seal keeping water and moisture out. They are folded on top, and the folded part can act as a handle when transporting.
  • Size: The ideal size of a dry bag depends on how you are going to use it. Small bags are perfect especially if you have several electronics such as a cell phone and iPod you need to keep dry – a 5L capacity will be more than sufficient.However, if you are going out to the gym or to engage in an outdoor sport like snow skating, then a 10L bag will do just fine. Bigger ones like 30 and 40L will be good travel companions for the weekend with a colleague or spouse.
  • The Straps: the majority of them have shoulder straps, but there are also others that don’t. The backpack style varieties come with shoulder straps that are either fixed or removable. Larger variants have padded and more comfortable shoulder straps.And if you are planning on carrying your dry bag on a canoe or boat, then a dry bag with a D-ring will be easier to attach and carry. The D-ring also makes it possible to string several bags together – convenience at best!
  • The Brand: there are known brands associated with quality in every market. For example, you will never need to convince anyone regarding the quality of Porsche or Lamborghini vehicles. The same applies to everything else including the dry bags.Therefore, you are in good stead sticking with established brands – if they are known for quality, then the bag you choose will undoubtedly be quality.


If you are into water sports or snow sports, you need the best dry bag to carry and protect your sensitive electronics. Dry bags are made from sturdy and waterproof materials sufficient to keep water off under all conditions. You may comfortably choose any product from the above, but Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag is the winner amongst them for us.

It is made from waterproof Hypalon nylon, durable and lightweight. The dry bag also has an attractive design and so is fitting for various occasions. It is multifunctional and can easily use it to organize your suitcase, a gym bag or a hiking bag.