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Best Jamaica All Inclusive Resorts in Ocho Rios 2021

Visiting Jamaica is something you will find on most people’s bucket lists. In fact, it is such a popular destination that the island welcomes millions of tourists every year. Ocho Rios, in particular, is one of the favorites; and for a good reason too.

Ocho Rios has some of the best resorts on the island, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult selecting the one for you and your family. Here’s a quick guide to help you.

#1: Sandals Ochi Beach Resort

This Sandals resort is famous for its gorgeous white sand beaches, sprawling property, and serene hillside vistas.
At this all-inclusive resort, you can take advantage of the private pool villas, 16 immaculate restaurants, the hot beach clubs, 11 bars, and a spectacular golf course.

With an array of water sports included, this could be the ideal place for you to enjoy the tropical sun and Caribbean flavor.

If you are traveling here on your honeymoon, there are a few perks included in the honeymoon package, such as a seaside dinner, a rose petal bath, breakfast in bed, and a bottle of chilled champagne or sparkling wine.

Pros of Sandals Ochi Beach

  • Golf course
  • Private beach
  • Delicious food from 16 restaurants
  • Private pool villas

Cons of Sandals Ochi Beach

  • Can get busy
  • Large resort, so it takes some getting used to

Why we love this resort: The size of the property means that there is plenty of space for you to spread out. The golf course is a nice addition, and the private pool villas are awesome if you can afford one.

#2: Couples Sans Souci

This all-inclusive resort is an adults-only resort and is a preferred option for couples visiting Ocho Rios. Bathing suits are not a requirement when sunbathing, and you will be able to enjoy time unwinding in the mineral pool without the risk of getting tan lines.

There are plenty of couple related activities for you to indulge in, including a couple’s massage, a glass-bottomed boat trip where you can watch the marine life swimming beneath you.

The resort has a variety of water sports and excursions available, as well as different restaurants and bars where you can sample flavors of Jamaica.

Pros of Couples Sans Souci

  • Adults-only resort
  • Couple-themed activities
  • Water sports and excursions
  • Private Beach

Cons of Couples Sans Souci

  • No children allowed
  • You may feel uncomfortable if you are not used to nudity

Why we love this resort: As it is an adults-only resort, you can enjoy all of the amenities on offer without having to worry about children. Swimming is especially a pleasure without kids splashing around. The honeymoon packages on offer are also something special.

#3: Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa

This all-inclusive resort and spa is another adults-only resort situated right by Dunn’s River Falls.

The facilities offered include two sparkling swimming pools and hot tubs where you can soak up the sun or cool off after a hot day in the tropical weather.

There is also a full-service spa offering an array of treatments and massages. Alongside the many water sports on offer, there are also tennis courts.

If you are in the mood for an excursion, you may enjoy heading out on a catamaran cruise, snorkeling among the colorful tropical sea life, a glass-bottomed boat tour, or visiting Dunn’s River Falls.

If you choose to have your honeymoon at Jewel Dunn’s River Resort, you can kick it off in style with a movie in the pool, just one of the many unique experiences offered.

Pros of Jewels Dunn's River

  • Two swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Full spa service
  • Watersports & Tennis court
  • Plenty of excursions

Cons of Jewels Dunn's River

  • No children allowed

Why we love this resort: It is an excellent option for adults wanting a break from their responsibilities. There is so much on offer that you are bound to find something that you love. The honeymoon package is also something to be considered.

#4: ClubHotel Riu

ClubHotel Riu is the place for you if you enjoy the fast-paced vibe. This resort has a constant party atmosphere, and there is so much to enjoy at this resort, which also happens to be the largest all-inclusive resort in Ocho Rios.

The resort offers seven restaurants, a private beach, an adult-only swimming pool, and various water sports.

The in-room amenities include a liquor dispenser, a minibar, and incredible private balconies with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

Pros of ClubHotel Riu

  • Adults-only swimming pool
  • Seven restaurants with varied cuisine
  • Private beach
  • Watersports

Cons of ClubHotel Riu

  • Huge resort
  • Can get loud and busy

Why we love this resort: With so much on offer, you will be able to find something for everyone to enjoy. This resort is aimed more at single people rather than families and has ensured that there is plenty for adults to enjoy on their break away.

#5: Sandals Royal Plantation

This is the second Sandals resort on this list and for a good reason. Sandals Royal Plantation is located on the beachfront in Ocho Rios and is an all-inclusive luxury resort.

The resort offers 74 elegant, stylish rooms, and fantastic amenities that almost match the spectacular views this resort offers.

The resort’s amenities include a private beach, sparkling swimming pools, an extravagant spa, and gourmet a la carte food.

You can enjoy relaxing in your large room or on your balcony while being waited on by your private butler. Including the free airport shuttle services, this all-inclusive resort may be just what you are looking for.

Pros of ClubHotel Riu

  • Private beach
  • Lavish spa with excellent treatments
  • Butler service
  • Free airport shuttle

Cons of ClubHotel Riu

  • Large resort so it can get busy
  • Small swimming pool based on resort size

Things to consider when selecting a resort:

Cost vs. Inclusions

Always look at what the cost of your stay will be, and what is included in that cost. As a rule of thumb, accommodation, food, beverages, and some activities will be included. Be sure to check which activities are not included, and what they cost.


It is great that all of the amenities are included, but check what these amenities are. See what size the resort is, i.e. how many people can be accommodated, and compare that to the size and number of swimming pools, restaurants, bars and other facilities. You may find yourself having to wait in long lines if there aren’t enough amenities to match the guests.


No matter where you travel, safety should always be considered. Check whether the resort you are looking at has access control, fences and gates. This is not just to keep people from getting in, but to stop your kids from getting out too.


The best resorts will always be close to the airport for your convenience. Also check that the resort you have chosen is in a decent part of the city, and that you will have easy access to tourist attractions.

Proximity to Attractions

If you are the type of person who likes spending time on the beach, make sure that the resort is close to the beach. If you like shopping and exploring the city, check on that distance. You may love to explore the local attractions and amenities – these are all things to consider when selecting your resort, as some are located quite a distance away.

Smaller or Larger Groups

Some resorts are large, and offer tours that have many people who will be with you. Other resorts are smaller and offer more one-on-one experiences. If you don’t mind traveling with a group, you should be just fine with the bigger resorts’ tour groups. If you would prefer something smaller, consider looking at a more personal resort.


Probably the most important deciding factor when selecting a resort is how much money you have to spend for your stay. Some people prefer to stay for a shorter amount of time with more included in their stay. Other would rather have a more basic package that allows them to stay for a few extra days. Look at what you have to spend, and select the best package for your money, based on what you want.

The Conclusion

There are so many great resorts in Jamaica; in fact, it is one of the things that the island is most popularly known for. Each resort will appeal to a different need or personality type, so it really comes down to what type of experience you are looking to have while you are here.

If you are looking for an amazing Caribbean getaway, you can’t go wrong with any of the listed resorts. But our favorite is Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, which is the perfect intimate setting, with top quality service, gourmet dining, and peaceful seclusion.

In the end, it will come down to your preference and budget, so make a list of what you are looking for in a resort, and find one that offers as many of your desires within your price range.