If you find yourself in Montego Bay Jamaica, you’ll probably pass by one of Jamaica’s most historic attractions.

Here you’ll learn the story of the White Witch named Annie Palmer, who it’s said practiced black magic and voodoo. She used these “powers” to control and kill anyone that opposed her or that she wanted out of her life.

Legend has it that she murdered her husbands and slave lovers in some of the most atrocious ways you can imagine. Arsenic poisoning killed her first husband, her second met his demise by being stabbed, and her third was strangled to death.

Annie was eventually killed by one of her slave lovers at the young age of 29.

Touring Rose Hall Great House

Today, you can tour the Jamaican Georgian style mansion and get a full history of how it came to be. You’ll also learn about the previous owners and the history of Annie herself who is said to roam the property still (perhaps looking for her next victim).

Tours are held daily throughout the day and also in the night. If you’re not someone that’s easily scared, then I recommend you go for the night tour. The darkness will add that extra sense of “spookiness” to your tour.

Not to ruin it for you, but there are also actors who jump out at you randomly in the night tour. That will surely get your heart pumping.

Can You Meet Annie Herself?

Well of course, if you’re lucky. She has been known to appear in photographs, especially in some of the rooms. In fact, the basement of the mansion holds photographic evidence of her presence.

If you need some more convincing, you can talk to the resident photographers who frequently shoot pictures of visitors at their request. In some of the photos, you can clearly see a ghost-like figure appearing. That experience alone is enough to give you the creeps.

On the lower levels of the house is where you’ll find the bar which serves up delicious drinks. Your tour guide will also encourage you to try the “white witch,” one I absolutely recommend. Here is where you’ll also see some of the torture devices and traps that were used on slaves back then.

Apart from listening to the stories presented, be sure to check out all the photographs and other artifacts, reminiscent of the slavery days.

Specific Tour Details

The tour runs for about 45 minutes to an hour. After this, you’re free to explore the grounds and the gift shop. The attraction is open for business every day of the week but feel free to call and inquire before your visit.

You’ll want to take along your camera to snap some photos of the mansion plus get the opportunity to snap Annie herself (she just may surprise you in a photo).

Finally, bring some extra cash just in case you want to grab an item from the gift shop.

The mansion is perched on top of a hill giving you fantastic views of the surrounding area. It’s a trip worth exploring.

Rose Hall Tour: Meet the White Witch Annie Palmer
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