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Exploring the Green Grotto Caves

Green Grotto Cave offers a unique experience you won’t find much place else on the island.

Many tourists come to our beautiful country for the warm climate, savory Caribbean Cuisine, and the reggae music. But there are others that come to explore our rich history so they can learn more about our vibrant people.

Photo Credit: jtbonline.org

Green Grotto Caves is perhaps one of the best-hidden gems of the island. It’s something different than the attractions you may be used to in others parts of the country.

Here’s a Quick History

Back in the 18th century, this location served as a refuge for runaway slaves. Earlier, it had also provided shelter for the first colonists of the island; the Arawaks (otherwise called the Tainos).

Fast forward in time, and it became a storehouse for Jamaican rum during World War 2. Today, it provides a look into the past for locals and tourists alike who visit the island.

Touring Green Grotto Caves

Photo credit: jtbonline.org

It’s quite a unique and fun experience being able to do something different. The cave offers that opportunity.

Hope you aren’t scared of bats!

There’s actually up to 9 different species of the cute little creatures that freely roam these caves. They won’t attack you though so don’t you worry.

The first time I went, this tour was done as a part of a Geography trip. Your tour guide will take you on a journey where he/she explains the history behind the caves. You’ll also get to observe the caves “inner workings” and natural formations.

Tours are available a few times daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. While rates may differ when you visit, the costs last time I checked were as follows:

Jamaican Residents

13 Years and Older – J$ 1000
4 Years Old to 12 Years Old – J$ 500

Foreign Residents

If you’re a foreign resident then prices are quoted in U.S dollars, and they are as follows:

13 Years and Older – U$ 20
4 Years Old to 12 Years Old – U$ 10

Before paying a visit, be sure to give them a call to confirm the time of each tour and the price frame.

What to Bring

Before paying a visit to this destination, you’ll want to ensure you’re in comfortable attire. Pants are probably better than shorts, and you may want to put the flip-flops aside.

You will be provided with headgear to protect your head. You should ensure you wear this at all times during your tour unless otherwise instructed by your tour guide.


The Green Grotto Caves attraction is located in Discover Bay, St. Ann. This is roughly a 35-minute drive outside the tourist capital of Ocho Rios and give or take about an hour if you’re coming from Montego Bay.

Many resorts are more than happy to arrange your transportation so be sure to check with them. You can also rent a car to take you there if you feel so inclined.

Final Thoughts

Touring the caves is something different that I would encourage all tourists to experience once they visit. Be sure to snap some pictures and share your experience with others.


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